1N datasheet, 1N pdf, 1N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Compensated Devices Incorporated, TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED ZENER . TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED ZENER REFERENCE DIODES. and VOLT NOMINAL ZENER VOLTAGE. 1N thru. 1NA. MAXIMUM RATINGS. 1N thru 1NA-1 DO 1. N. 8. 2 The popular 1N thru 1N series of Zero-TC Reference Diodes Also consult factory for “RH” data sheet brochure.

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Low temperature coefficient range: Voltage reference sources in measuring instruments such as digital voltmeters. The quoted values of?

Vref are based on a constant current IZ. Two factors can cause? Vref to change, namely the differential resistance rdif and the temperature coefficient SZ. Vref is not significant on a 1N? Reference diodes are classified at the specified test current and the SZ of the reference diode will be different at different levels of IZ. The absolute value of IZ is important, however, the stability of IZ, once the level has been set, is far more significant. This applies particularly to the 1N This guarantees a maximum voltage excursion?


Vref over the specified temperature range, at the specified test current IZverified by tests at indicated temperature points within the range.

VZ is measured and recorded at each temperature specified. Vref between the highest and lowest values must not exceed the maximum?

1N MICROSEMI, 1N Datasheet

Therefore the temperature coefficient is only given as V ref1 — V n1821 a reference. It may be derived from: Vref max mV 25 50? The marking band indicates the cathode.

The diodes are type branded. Stress above one or more of the limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device.

These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at these or at any other conditions above those given in the Characteristics sections of the speci? Exposure to limiting values for extended datashwet may affect device reliability.

Application information Where application information is given, it is advisory and does not form part of the speci? Philips customers adtasheet or selling these products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Philips for any damages resulting from such improper use or sale. This data sheet contains target or goal speci?


This data sheet contains preliminary data; supplementary data may be published later. This data sheet contains?