Ahmad Deedat is one of South Africa’s well known Muslim missionaries whose . The Islam Debate: Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs Ahmed Deedat (San. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Ahmed Deedat by Source – Ahmed Deedat – Sabc Tv Debate Islam Christianity South Africa. Anis Shorrosh a Palestinian Christian missionary had two debates with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on the topics “Is Jesus God” and “Quran and Bible- which is God’s .

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Even though Asad was rather restricted by these Makki manipulated outbursts and unfounded accusations, the commentary was widely welcomed and circulated Haron Parliament of New South Wales.

Ahmed Deedat by Muslim Central on Apple Podcasts

Sadouni’s text incidently received a positive review from Roman Loimeier; a review that appeared in Journal of Religions in Africa 43,4: Only a missionary can think of such a logic! The Biographical Text’s Sources Vahed like all ardent historians and biographers based himself on both primary and secondary sources to write this informative text about one of South Africa’s most well-known Muslim missionaries.

Review of Faith and International Affairs 9,2: Demystifying Islam and Debating Christianity. Clean Pakistan Television Interview.

After several years of disability due to a stroke, Ahmed Deedat passed away in at home in South Africa, may Allah reward him for his effort in the Akhirah. He in his 75 minutes did not touch any point raised by Ahmed Deedat. We explore how he began to discover the truth debatez Islam and.

Lahore and United Kingdom. This negative experience was suddenly turned into a positive one desdat he like many curious individuals was interested to know more about his religion so that he may be in a strong position to counter and disarm the criticisms vented against Islam by the Christian evangelists who persistantly adopted aggressive tactics to lure Muslims away from Islam; a religious tradition that Christians considered to be false.

Following their debate, Deedat made defamatory personal remarks against Gilchrist that, after refusing to publicly apologise for, led to court action and him having to pay damages of R2 including court costs to Gilchrist.

The rise of these missions obviously forced the Hindus and Muslims to react by developing combating strategies and one of these was to challenge these self-assured and overconfident missionaries to publicly debate the Christian theological positions towards Hinduism and Islam.


Now what do you call victory in a debate? Facing the Muslim Challenge: Now each of these bibliographical works has dredat drawn upon to enrich the text’s contents.

The results of these debates are obvious. The Multiple Nature of Islamic Da’wah. What has it to do with the Quran? Critics such as Mohamed Makki d. SuratBombay PresidencyBritish India. Fairfax offered to teach an extra session on the Bible and how to preach to Christians about Islam. Clean A Dire Warning. Deedat’s dedication to Muslim mission came to the fore when he returned to Durban where he held classes and conducted ‘religious’ tours to the adjacent Grey Street mosque; the largest at that time in the southern hemisphere.

Fortunately, Deedat did not respond or enter into a debate on the Qur’an translation, and he prudently steered clear of giving his detractors added ammunition against his missionary methods. Certainly, most Ahmed Deedat material is too sarcastic and acidic for Christian viewing.

There are times, of course, when questions surface about the importance of correct dogma, about the importance of labels to a God whom we believe sees beyond labels and looks at the hearts of people. Muslim Bible Scholars in Tanzania: By the early s Ahmed Deedat’s work was beginning dbates be known outside his native South Africa. Identity Politics and Public Disputation: Views Read Edit View history.

Readings of the Bible with Ahmad Deedat. Clean Kuwait Series 1 English Arabic.

By the s and early s the conflict between the Muslims represented by the MJC came to a head and this culminated in a major court case. Deedat and the team that staffed the IPCI unfortunately did not realize the need to observe ‘elementary corporate governance practices’ when the organization changed into a mighty Muslim missionary outfit Vahed Indeed from that period onwards this ‘Faisal Laureate’ Chapter 18 did not look back but far beyond the South African borders where he was openly welcomed by Muslim communities in other parts of Africa and Asia.

Interestingly one of the most important and lasting influences upon Deedat was the Pfander-Kairanawi theological debate that had taken placed in the mid 19 th century and it is to this debate that this essay turns to in order to argue that if it was not for the ‘accidental’ Kairanawi text then we would not have witnessed the emergence of Deedat as a transnational religious figure but one who would have remained an unknown local salesperson.


Deedat’s multitude of anti-Christiananti-Jewish and anti-Hindu videotapes have told us all that there is to be told about the other, and we are comfortable with that. Deedat took a more active interest in religious debate after he came across the book Izhar ul-Haqq Truth Revealed[7] written by Rahmatullah Kairanawiwhile he was rummaging for reading material in his employer’s basement.

The Challenges of Sheikh Deedat and their Answers. Journal of Religions in Africa 43,1: Just because you throw more than red herrings, does it prove that you are victorious?

Clean What Is Wisdom. Among Deedat’s close friends were Goolam Hoosein Vanker and Taahir Rasool, whom many refer to as ‘the unsung heroes of Deedat’s career’. The second debate was organised with much fanfare and again held in Birmingham on 7 Augustentitled The Quran or the Bible: Clean Crucifixion Or Cruci Fiction. Retrieved on 29 July Deedat then returned to Durban and expanded the IPC’s activities.

Clean A Muslim Fundamentalist.

Debates & Speeches of Ahmed Deedat

But now, they rejected Deedat and united with other South African Muslim organisations in denouncing his attacks on other religions. The ‘Rush-die’ Chapter 19 affair was a matter that caught Deedat’s attention and that he could not afford to avoid; the Rushdi publication, in fact, was even raised with the apartheid Censor Board that banned its circulation in the South African book market.

Clean Message To Muslim Students. In this 1 hour special, we retrace the steps of the young Ahmed Deedat, travelling from India to South Africa as a 9 year old and the sacrifices and challenges he experienced as a young man. Nonetheless, there are many masterpieces among his videos too, his debate with Jimmy Swaggart 33, 34where he is at his most generous and polished best, is simply a gem of an item for dawah purposes.