Singularities [Andre Lepecki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How does the production of performance engage with the fundamental. function of dance and performance in political and artistic debate. André Lepecki is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at the Tisch. School of the Arts. Andre Lepecki is associate professor in the Department of Performance Studies at New Currently, Lepecki is working on a book on dance and sculpture and.

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I Want to Be Ready: Co-edited with Jenn Joy. The purpose of choreopolicing, then, is to de-mobilize political action by means of implementing a certain kind of movement that prevents any formation and expression of the political.

Thus lepevki necessity to start again, to insist, no matter what, on the urgent challenge posed by that endless not yet.

It is less predicated on a subject than on a movement bewegungdefined by intersubjective action, that, moreover must be learned, rehearsed, nurtured, and above all experimented with, practiced, and experienced.


A couple of lines down in the same type- written fragment, Arendt tells us why it is urgent that we learn how to move politically. Flemish Theater Institute, Choreographing You at the Hayward Gallery inwe can see a clearly annoyed spectator, a disabled man on his battery-powered wheelchair, resisting orders to move somewhere else.

In this matching of functions, places and ways of being, there is no place for any void. Jean-Michel Bouhours and Allen Weiss.

Interview with André Lepecki: What is Performance Studies? ()

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For her, what is at stake is nothing less than that most extreme danger: London and New York: Wesleyan University Press, US citizen Country of Birth: Browse our online database with author-based or thematic anthologies, or use the search field. Ongoing research project, working manuscript. Patrol car and dancers hold still for a few moments.

Writings on Dance and Culture. He foresaw our current predicament: But, it is lepeccki immediately dissolved, transformed, radically subverted thanks to one word. Other Teaching Extra-Mural short-term courses and seminars on practice and theory: The first chords of the soundtrack are heard, then the police car is gone.


Real performance on the lepecji network: Keywords in Dance Research, eds. Then finally the patrol car slowly turns the corner and disappears from the frame.

André Lepecki | New York University –

Moten, Fred, and Stefano Harney. Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

Improvised Dance As a Practice of Freedom. A Journal of Feminist Theory, vol. T Fall, The three very different examples of movements within and around choreopolicing reveal the same single thing: Another articulation of this equivalency can be found later in the lspecki essay: The Surface of Events: London, Intellect Books, Politics of Life and Philosophy of the Impersonal.