Schnurloses digitales DECT-Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Cordless digital DECT telephone with answering machine Bedienungsanleitung Operating. Mon, 30 Jul GMT audioline dect pdf – View and Download. AUDIOLINE DECT manual online. DECT Cordless Telephone pdf. DownloadAudioline dect user manual. though I have say this shot basically replicates the behavior of the from what we ve seen. La empresa se nego.

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Der Aufstellort hat einen entscheidenden Einfluss auf einen einwandfreien Betrieb des Telefons. Legen Sie nun die Batterien ein und achten Sie auf die richtige Polung. Weitere Hinweise zur Namenseingabe finden Sie unter Kapitel 5. Sobald Sie das Mobilteil wieder auf die Basisstation stellen, schaltet sich dieser automatisch ein. Im Display erscheint das Symbol. Taste 1 bis 9 Telefonbuch Es wird der erste Telefonbucheintrag angezeigt. Telefonbucheintrag Rufnummer wird angezeigt.

Das Sondertelefonbuch dient zur Speicherung wichtiger Rufnummern, von z. Ist diese Rufnummer bereits im Telefonbuch gespeichert, wird direkt der Name des Anrufers angezeigt. Mit der Taste wird die Programmierung gestartet. Signalton, sobald das Mobilteil auf die Basisstation gestellt wird und der Ladevorgang beginnt.

PIN der Basisstation Zahlenfeld eingeben. Die Werkseinstellungen werden eingestellt. Antworten und Nachricht aufnehmen Displayanzeige: Text der bereits aufgenommenen Standardansage: Ihrer Familie, ein Memo hinterlassen.

Bei falscher Eingabe wird die Ansage wiederholt. Weitere Informationen zur Rufnummernanzeige finden Sie im Kapitel 6. Alle Anrufe werden normal entgegengenommen.

Alle Anrufe werden direkt zum Anrufbeantworter weitergeleitet. There is a risk to life if the power Do not set up the base station in the immediate vicinity of other electrical equipment such as microwaves or hi-fi systems, as this may result in mutual interference. Check contents of pack The following items are supplied: Now insert the batteries taking care to ensure that the polarity is correct. Close the battery compartment cover. You are making a call. You are receiving an external call.

You are making an external call. You are receiving an internal call. You are making an internal call. The numbers pressed are shown in the display. If more than 16 digits are pressed, the indicator on the left-hand edge of the display will appear and the last 16 digits will be shown.

To do this, press the button and then the number of the required handset. After the internal call has been accepted at the other handset, you have the following options: You will now hear the person you are speaking to over the loudspeaker in the handset.

Press the handsfree button again to switch off the handsfree facility. Room monitoring Button Display With the room monitoring feature, You will find further information on entering names in Chapter 5. Selected number Number can be edited.


Press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Switching the handset on again: The handset will switch itself on automatically as soon as you replace it on the base station. Switching off the ring tone Press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

Audioline DECT 4800 Trio-Set

The symbol will appear in the display. Entering numbers and names in the phone book Button Display Comment Press the appropriate letter to directly choose an entry from the phone book alphabetically. Key 1 to 9 Phone book The first entry in the phone book will be displayed.

Safety prompt Phone book entry is deleted. Hold button pressed to return to main display. Checking phone book entries Button Display You will thus be able to tell who is calling you as soon as you hear the ring tone.

AUDIOLINE DECT Operating instructions |

The special phone book can be fect to store important numbers such as those of audiolnie, fire brigade or police. Phone numbers that are already stored in the normal phone book cannot be entered again into the special phone book.

If this function is available on your telephone, the display will show you the caller’s telephone number when the telephone rings. If this number has already been saved in the phone book, the name of the caller will be displayed directly. Button Display Comment Last call saved Drct number You can now view the whole list using the selection buttons.

If you want to call back a number on the caller list directly, simply press the call button the number will be dialled immediately. Safety prompt Further numbers Number is deleted. Programming is started by means of the button.

You can scroll through the menu using the selection buttons Press the button to move to the next menu level. Press the button to exit the current menu level and to move one step higher. The ringer volume can be adjusted separately for the handset and the base station in 5 steps. Enter the PIN Code for the base 44800 factory setting 0 0 0 0. Current setting Select the required option. The number in this case, audiolinf area dialling code has the number 0xxxx assigned to it. Here, the call-by-call will automatically be placed in front of every number dialled that begins with If you have dialled the numberthe telephone will recognise the and will dial 0xxxx Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off.

Each time a button on the handset is pressed, this is confirmed with a short signal tone. Signal tone when a setting has been successfully completed. The factory setting is TONE dialling. In addition, a memo can be decy for other users.


For your greeting message, you audiolins use two pre-recorded standard messages or you can record two messages of your own. The longer your greeting lasts, the less recording time will be available for incoming messages. Now confirm with or cancel the deletion by pressing twice.

While you are listening to your greeting, press the button and then enter the three-digit PIN code. If the entry is incorrect, the greeting will be repeated. By means of the remote access facility, you have the option of switching on the answering machine from another telephone. Remember that the settings will only work if your telephone connection has caller display CLID and the caller transmits his phone number. You will find more information on caller display in Chapter 6.

All calls are received normally. Handsets from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the telephone system by means of the internationally adopted GAP standard. It is therefore not possible to carry out the logging-off procedure using the handset that is to be logged off.

List user guides and manuals for AUDIOLINE, Mobile phone in English language:

When selecting FIXED, confirm with and then select the required base station by means of the number pad. For technical problems, you can also contact our hotline on Tel.

For any claims under the warranty, please refer to your dealer. If, however, your unit should develop a fault within the warranty period, please contact the shop where you bought your AUDIOLINE unit, taking with you your purchase receipt.

In accordance with these conditions, all claims under the warranty shall be made exclusively to your dealer. Page of Go.

Audioline dect manuals |

Page 72 dfct Handsfree facility Page 73 – Storing individual redial numbers in the Page 74 – Switching the handset on and off Page 75 – Switching off the ring tone Page 76 – Baby call Page 77 – The phone book Page 78 – Dialling stored numbers from the phone b Page 79 – Allocating direct dial buttons Page 80 – Deleting stored numbers from the phone b Page 81 – Assigning special ring tones to phone bo Page – Listening to recorded messages Page – Deleting all messages Page – The remote access facility Page – Listening to messages using the remote a Page – Switching on the answering machine remot Page Page – Forwarding anonymous calls directly to t Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Cordless digital dect telephone with answering machine pages. Page 4 – Inhaltsverzeichnis – Direktwahltasten