Augustin Aurelije – O Slobodi Volje. Uploaded by. Jovana Strugar. Psihijatrija danas Uploaded by. Jovana Strugar. Veličina i granice Frojdove misli – E . Augustin Aurelije – O Slobodi Volje. Cargado por. Jovana Strugar · Veličina i granice Freudove misli – From. Cargado por. Jovana Strugar · Instrumenti kliničke . Shenkir, Paul L. Walker, O Slobodi Volje By Aurelije Augustin ; Priredio I Preveo Stjepan Kusar., Best Jobs For · College Graduates By J. Michael Farr.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Social Science Historical sociology – Filozofski fakultet advertisement. Introduction Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb was founded in and it continues to function for the last 42 years. At first, it was established as a twosubject study group, but in the middle of s it expanded into a concentrated and oriented Major Study Program and in that way enabled the development of special sociology subjects which stimulated the development of professional sociology as well as faster and more contemporary acquisition of new scientific insights.

The Department of Sociology is a unique department in its own mission — even there are other institutions and units in Croatia nowadays who are more or less similar to the study program of the Department. Professional sociology is taught at this Department for many decades, based on the contemporary research of the most important social issues such as are general aspects of society, problems of social structure, social change, social relations, etc. The content of the Sociology Study Program encompass a wide range of actual and highly important aspects that are studied within specialized sociology subjects.

SCIndeks – Članak

sllobodi It is really very rare aurelij find study of sociology only as a general subject taught only on the scientific study groups. In this sense, it might also be said that very rarely different university study groups are left only with general sociology as an general subject — it is just opposite, and sociology today is taught as a specialized professional discipline adapted to different major profiles of any type of specific volie groups.

In this sense, a specialized sociology subjects exist today almost at every university in the world such as, for example, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Science and Knowledge, Political Sociology, Sociology and Economy, Urban Sociology, etc.

It could be said also that — during the last 15 years — many reasons emerged in the social life that stimulated again the need to introduce sociological professional thinking sloboid social development.

Croatia as one of the post communist societies is just going through painful and complex transitional process burdened with many problems and social changes auggustin need to be professionally evaluated, scientifically researched, objectively assessed and discussed and on that basis understood with an evaluation of potential ways of further social development.

As many other transitional societies, Croatia is also a multicultural and multiethnic society, with slobidi religious affiliations and interesting social aspects that need to be scientifically sociologically seriously studied – especially the interactions that emerge vloje this cultural aureluje. In this way the respective layers of society will be aware on the potential problems and conflicts that are usually emerging in this kind of societies.

To understand and investigate different aspects of contemporary social development in the modern world is almost impossible without sociology as a professional discipline and without a sociologist as a specialist who can apply sociological knowledge in his daily professional actions and activities. Auguustin social changes in modern societies are burdened also with many complicated phenomenon such as unemployment, drug abuse, aggressivity in general, uncontrolled growth of cities and settlements, growing strata of older population, environmental degradation and pollution, etc.

We believe that all these problems and aubustin of contemporary life need to be investigated through systematic researches to be able to develop workable solutions. We believe also that sociology study offers the education of qualified and specialized professionals to tackle contemporary social problems. Newly constructed social reality also asks for slovodi changes in the education in general in the society and especially in the process of education of future social professionals.

It simply means that different segments of sociological education — i. This is a primary goal and substance of the educational program of sociological study augkstin offer. It should be also emphasized that sociologists could apply their knowledge in a wide spectrum of social division of labor — in the organizations and enterprises organizational and market researchesmedia studies radio, TV, newspapers as well as in other institutions where sociological knowledge is necessary.

Professional activity of a sociologist contributes to better understanding and formation of social potentials of development. Sociologists are also employed in secondary schools and at the universities where they teach different subjects. During the last decade, for example, graduated sociologists found their place of work also in the private sector of economy — they work ovlje specialists in market research, in the research on mass media, in different polls research as well as for different state institutions and offices.


Non-governmental sector is also growingly asking the professional services of sociologists mostly in the roles of consultants on major aspects or as experts for the investigation of complex social phenomenon.

Soobodi should be also emphasized that sociologists are more and more employed in the administrative services and in different planning institutions where they work as professionals for social planning and development.

Newly organized study of Sociology Program that is offered for evaluation aureloje be compared also with the programs of some respected educational sociological university institutions such as are for example: That development vilje has enriched the basic sense, as well as overall social and scientific justification of the study of sociology and sociology as a profession through new teaching programs and through the development of specialized sociologies as teaching and professional subjects.

The need to develop of the discipline oriented especially towards the development of sociological methodology as a real base for the development of the profession itself was also stimulated. That was one of the basic features of the development of scientific basis of sociology as a profession at the Department. To demonstrate the recent developments at the Department, it should be emphasized that — in recent years — the Department of Sociology included in its curriculum many newly designed special sociologies as teaching subjects such as, for example, Social Ecology, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Science and Knowledge, Sociology of Sex, Gender Sociology, Risk Sociology, Sociology of War and Peace, etc.

This program proposal contains many newly designed teaching subjects as electives that volej a possibility to enlarge and modify the overall program of study of sociology. It auustin be also stressed that a professional sociologist is a unavoidable member of the team researching public opinions, in different expert teams to investigate social development within state offices and institutions as well as within different agencies involved in researching of social reality.

Finally, it should be also mentioned that professional sociologists are more skobodi more involved as researchers and evaluators in the contemporary problems connected with migrations, displaced persons and other voljf of human migrations in the world. The research, scientific and educational cooperation is also possible with many other partners who stay outside of regular educational systems such as are scientific research institutes Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Institute for International Relations, Institute for Migrations and Ethnic Studies, etc.

We believe that no subject in the contemporary society should be studied without the help of sociology. This is the reason why in the program of study of augistin many subject are of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature and in this way rather approachable to students of almost slobodu kind and specializations.

The fact that sociology has been included in many interdisciplinary educational programs as l as in practical research and scientific program — not only within the area of humanistic and social sciences, but also within technical, medical, architectural etc.

In this sense, it is expected that teaching subjects which we offer in our program of study could be taken not only by the students from other basic specialized groups of study but also that sociology students, with their acquired knowledge in the pre-diploma study of sociology will be able to continue k education in other study groups and study orientations. We should also mention that many teaching subject at The Department of Sociology are open to the students of different profiles and professions.

Respecting the principle of free student movement, we suggest a teaching program which will enable our students to select and combine — on a personal basis — different, interrelated interdisciplinary educational programs of different professions as well as we expect the same possibilities for the students from other educational institutions to select our electives.

O slobodi volje – Aurelije Augustin – Google Books

Title of aureljie study group Study of Sociology sociology major and sociology as one augusyin two subjects — sociology minor 2. Educational institution and responsible department Educational institution: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. Duration of study Overall duration: Enrollment conditions for scientific diploma study: Conditions for enrollment to the diploma study program for the aurelijd orientation: Students aurepije taught also in basic principles of scientific analysis as well as in appropriate methods and techniques of scientific research and with major prerequisites concerning theoretical analysis.

Students are also taught in the classic and contemporary sociological theories. Two important teaching subjects are provided for the study of Croatian society and a number of the electives will give an opportunity for a student to create and select personal orientation that could also end in the continuation towards the diploma program study in sociology as well.

A graduation in the field of sociology major or sociology as a two group study Program in the regime of pre-diploma study Program will end with a title of “baccalaureate in social sciences — orientation sociology” that enables the continuation of the study of sociology or some other study group at the university.


aurelije augustin o slobodi volje pdf file

The graduation of a pre-diploma augushin Program enables a student to perform different kinds of tasks in which a good understanding of social processes as well as a good knowledge on the principles of scientific approach to the analysis of social dynamics is needed.

At the same time, a strictly expert approach and level of understanding is not expected. Graduated pre-diploma student is expected to work in the media, in nongovernmental organizations, in publishing companies, in the field of culture, etc. Diploma study Program A goal of the diploma study Program of sociology is to enlarge, add and close the slobori knowledge during the pre-diploma study Program of sociology as well as from the selection from five different groups of subjects that will enable a student to create a personalized profile of the professional sociologist.

In this way, a student can concentrate and select the subjects from one or another study group as well as to combine subjects from different study groups and in that way acquire a wide range general education in sociology as a profession. A system of two study group at the Faculty of Philosophy is suited primarily for the educational profiles of students, but it could also be selected in the case if a student chooses a concentrated group of educational and methodical subjects which is provided especially for the students of one study group of sociology sociology major.

Students who graduate diploma program in sociology are sloboxi mostly for the following tasks: The graduation of one subject study group of sociology will enable a holder of diploma to accomplish an academic title “baccalaureate in social sciences — orientation sociology” which enables the continuation of the study of sociology or some other study group.

The graduation of the diploma scientific study program in sociology will enable a holder of diploma to an academic title “master in sociology — scientific orientation”. The graduation of the diploma educational study group will enable a holder for an academic diploma title “master in sociology — educational orientation”. Civil Society in Croatia Lecturer s: Philosophical and theoretical foundations of civil society. Historical development and evolution of the idea of civil society. Historical aspects of human emancipation.

From totalitarianism to democracy. The development of standards applying to human rights and freedoms. Political system as an arena of civil society. Public and other media as basic institutions of civil aurelijw.

Values and value orientations of civil society. Normative regulation and protection of human rights in Croatia. Inventarization and organization of the institutions and organizations of civil society Trade unions, Minorities, Religious entities, Nongovernmental and non-profit organizations and associations. Ways and methods of establishment of civil sector in the society. Methodology for researching and analysis of civil society. The program will make an introduction for the students on major knowledge and recognition of different features, aspects and problems facing the development of civil society in Croatia.

Completion of the proposed program will make a basis for studying of civil society in Croatia, for active inclusion and actions in the society as well as for the better professional clarification of the role of sociologists in the Croatian society.

Elective subject Teaching format: A seminar paper compulsory will be graded; an independent study of an institution of civil society case studywritten and oral exam. Civilna kultura i demokratska stabilnost; Intelektualna povijest koncepta civilne kulture.

Idea of Civil Society, New York.

Economic sociology Lecturer s: The status of economic sociology as a special sociological discipline; historical overview of the merging points of economy and sociology Gurvitch, Swedberg ; basic notions of economy relevant for Economic Sociology: A major goal of this teaching subject is to show to the students the interactions that exist between economy and sociology as well as with major elements of sociological approach to economic life.

Trying to overcome traditional divisions of these two disciplines economy and sociology students are taught for better understanding of aureliej facts and for their investigations and explanations within sociological theories.

Student’s essays, final oral exam. The Sociology of Economic Life. Kako se Zapad obogatio. Naklada Jesenski i Turk. Students of the 3rd and higher years of study of sociology major or minor can enroll this subject as well as the students of other study groups, depending on their interests and under the condition that they have passed the exams from previous study years.

Feminist theories and movements Lecturer s: Suffragettes movements and feminism of the first augustjn a critique of patriarchal; sex discrimination; neofeminism: Theoretical and empirical insights on women and men in a feminist discourse; 2.

The development of analytical tools needed for the understanding and awareness of the implications of the women’s social role and their status as actors, subjects and objects. Revija za sociologiju, 33 Socijalna ekologija, 11 A Reader in Feminist Theory.

New York and London. Feminist Interpretations and Political Theory.