Balakumaran (5 July – 15 May ) was an Indian Tamil writer and author of over novels, short stories, and dialogue/screenplay writer for ENNAI CHUTTRI SILA NADANANGAL · BALAKUMARAN · VISA PUBLICATIONS · ENNAVALE ADI ENNAVALE · BALAKUMARAN · VISA PUBLICATIONS. Results 1 – 20 of Buy balakumaran Books Online in India. Login to Enjoy the India’s leading Online Book Store Sapnaonline Discount Sales on your favourite.

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A blank page is often a strange thing.

Balakmaran best way to become familiar with a subject is to write a script about it. A communalist novel describes about an assassination occurred during a major tractor production company strike, and briefing through the life and response of labors, union leaders, and external political supporters.

Popular Balakumaran Books

Very fast moving Irumbu kudhiraigal: A novel about the life of truck owners, drivers, young girl- dreaming, and a logistics coordinator of a big company- having poetic sense and this novel teach about some technicalities of this trucking business. Poetic Inithu inithu kadhal inithu: A fantastic novel elucidates about the father, mother and son relationship, explains emotively about the young boy love with a girl and a motivation caused by it.


A novel about a life of an experienced employee after his dismissal, it deals about love in an ordinary family, union involvement of a man and the drawbacks he face due to the past two.

It is not a novel, an autobiography book having novelistic and psychological approach. A novel explains about family problems faced by a poor husband having old mother and his wife married from a middle class family headed by a retired military chef. A novel about a woman, entered in to the job of news reporter to bear her family headed by her husband, working in abroad.

Kannal kanda kadhal kathaigal: A huge novel based fully on the concept of life and birth after death. It is one of his informative novels, teaching respect to the readers.

: Balakumaran: Books

The storyline is good but the concept and the message insists by this novel is…… Category: The tenth place I leave it for all of his novels which teaches about devotion, prayer and entreaty. Even though these types of concepts are not agreeable by my mind, reading his books again and again makes me to realize some changes in my heart.


Certainly his books act as a guide to relief us from anger and depression. What about payanigal kavanikavum and pandhaya pura.


Any way thank you for your comments, it will help us to choose the books acoording to our likings. Tuesday, January 27, Top 10 Balakumaran Books. Posted by Prabhu at Anonymous February 9, at 1: About Me Prabhu View my complete profile.