This book tells of a girl from a Karangsoga village named Lasiyah. She’s a very beautiful girl, her skin white, clean, straight and the colour of her hai. Also see The Red Bekisar. In a village of coconut growers in Central Java during the s, Lasi and Kanjat grow up in a community of nira tappers. PDF | Bekisar Merah, a novel by prominent Indonesian writer Ahmad Tohari, had been translated into its English version The Red Bekisar. Being a literary work.

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Subscriber Tools Renew Donate. While this ideological critique of social change and its deleterious effects simmers beneath the surface of this page-turner, the novel explores social change in the status quo through the character of a half-Japanese, half-Indonesian young woman, Lasi, and her migration from her small village of palm tappers in central Java to the urban temptations of the capital, Jakarta, and then back to her rural roots after narrowly escaping the clutches of high-end prostitution in the big city.

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A red bekisar is an ornamental bird that is a cross between the wild merha domesticated fowl and stands in a metonymic relation to Lasi, who is prized for her exotic beauty among elite Indonesians.

Bekisar Merah Book by Ahmad Tohari

Lasi, who is half-Japanese, is the next-best option to a fully Japanese wife. Red Bekisar abounds in charming descriptions of the village life in Karangsoga, the daily life of the coconut tappers, the making of brown sugar, and the feudal economy of a rural society as yet untouched by technological and cultural modernity.

While the specter of economic greed and exploitation, the buying and selling of women, and political corruption loom large as the repressed content in the novel, Tohari resolves these conflicts in a domestic story of conjugal love fulfilled against all odds.

Red Bekisar is an entertaining exemplum of cultural modernity enshrined in the character of a heroine leaving society behind to catch up with her, even if only in fiction. Skip to main content. Home November November Book Reviews.


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