Business Statistics (2nd Edition): Norean D. Sharpe, Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman: Books – Business Statistics: A First Course, Second Canadian Edition Plus MyLab Statistics (2nd Edition): Norean D. Sharpe, Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman. The Sharpe/De Veaux/Velleman Business Statistics Series > Business Statistics, 2nd Edition”> Content Frame Business Statistics, 2nd Edition, arrow, Student.

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This staitstics is out of print and has been replaced with Business Statistics, 3rd Edition. The dynamic approach conquers the modern challenges of teaching business statistics by making it relevant, emphasizing analysis and understanding over simple computation, preparing students to be more analytical, make better business decisions, and effectively communicating results. This text features a wealth of real data applications, with coverage of current issues, such as ethics and data mining.

This product is part of the following series. Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text 2ns other student resources.

If you’re interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. University of Virginiaas a researcher of statistical problems in business and a professor at a business school, understands the challenges and specific needs of the business student.

Prior to joining Babson, she taught statistics and applied mathematics courses for several years at Bowdoin College. Norean is coauthor of the recent text, A Casebook for Business Shar;e Laboratories for Decision Makingand has authored more than 30 articles-primarily in the areas of statistics education and women in science. Her research focuses on business forecasting and statistics education.

Stanford University is an internationally known educator, consultant, and lecturer. Dick has taught Statistics at a business school The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvaniaan engineering school Princeton Universityand a liberal arts college Williams College.

He is an internationally known lecturer in data mining and is a consultant for many Fortune companies in a wide variety of industries. Sincehe has been a Professor of Statistics at Busines College. His research focuses on the analysis of large data sets and data mining in science and industry. In his spare time he is an avid cyclist and swimmer.

Dick is the father of four bueiness. We don’t recognize your username or password. The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. You have successfully signed out and will be required to sign back in should you need to download more resources.

Business Statistics, 2nd Edition

Business Statistics, 2nd Edition. Sharpe, Georgetown University Richard D. Availability This item is out of print and has been replaced with Business Statistics, 3rd Edition. Series This product is part of the following series.


This text instills in readers a respect for using statistics correctly and cautiously. A focus on checking assumptions and conditions when using statistical procedures is used throughout the text and examples.

Ethics in Action vignettes in every chapter illustrate the judgment needed in statistical analysis. Students learn to identify ethically challenging issues and to propose ethically and statistically sound solutions. Questions are included for study and reflection. What Can Go Wrong?

Real data is essential for demonstrating the relevance of statistics in business. Hundreds of exercises, examples, and applications are based on current events and well-known companies, engaging readers with compelling data and scenarios. Emphasis on graphing and exploring data is veeaux from the first chapters on understanding data right through to the complex model-building chapters at the end. Chapter Openers present a statistical issue in a managerial setting from a well-known company. These scenarios use real data to demonstrate how statistics relates to business disciplines such as marketing, finance, 2ns economics.

Brief Cases at the end of each chapter use real data and ask students to investigate a question or make a business decision. Students are asked to define the objective, plan the process, complete the analysis, and report their conclusion. Data for these projects are available on the included CD-ROM and the companion website, and are formatted for multiple software programs. Reports are frequently presented in the form of a business memo, helping students become familiar with framing and communicating results in a business setting.

Early introduction of regression, introduced as part of descriptive statistics, helps to set a solid foundation of this important topic, which is then built upon in later chapters. Learning aids help students study without distracting from the main message in the text. Math Boxes show the mathematical underpinnings—proofs, derivations, and justifications—of statistical methods and concepts. These boxes are set apart from the main narrative to avoid interrupting editiob explanation of the topic at hand.

By Hand Boxes guide students on how to compute and arrive at solutions by hand, so they can better understand how the output from technology was reached. These optional discussions distill and explain formulas to help students through the calculation of a worked example.

These questions involve little to no calculation. Answers are provided at the end of the chapter so students can check their work. What Have We Learned? The flexible topic coverage features short, edution chapters to accommodate any course objective or syllabus. Exercises within each chapter progress in difficulty and complexity. Then, the exercises incorporate a straightforward application of the chapter ideas.

Decision Science: Business Statistics Textbooks

Next, they tackle larger problems that ask students to work through the logic of a complete analysis. Finally, students are asked to synthesize and incorporate their own ideas. The challenging exercises would be ideal for group projects. New to This Edition. Technology Help edotion have been updated to reflect the latest technology releases.


Increased MyStatLab coverage includes more of the textbook questions, including all of the basic exercises, to give students the practice they need to gain understanding and mastery of the concepts.

Business Statistics, 2nd Edition

Basic Section Exercises have been added to ensure that students are comfortable with the requisite skills before moving on to more involved exercises.

Case Studies have been added to each part, giving students experience working through an in-depth application using real data and scenarios from actual companies. XLStat Appendix features chapter-by-chapter guidance for this new Excel add-in offered with the textbook. Some sections have been reorganized and combined for improved flow of material.

Data for exercises and examples have been updated to keep the book current for students. Developed inXLStat is used by leading businesses and universities around the world. XLStat businees compatible with all Excel versions from version 97 to version except Mac and is compatible with the Windows 9x till Windows 7 systems as well as with PowerPC and Intel based Mac systems. An access kit for XLStat for Pearson come with every new copy of this textbook.

For more information, visit www. Statistics and Variation 1. Surveys and Sampling Roper Polls 3. Random Sampling Brief Cases: Displaying and Describing Categorical Data Keen 4.

Correlation and Linear Regression Lowe’s 6. Is the Regression Reasonable? Correlation and Regression Brief Cases: Fuel Efficiency The U. Sampling Distributions Marketing Credit Cards: Confidence Intervals for Proportions Brief Cases: Ethics in Action Technology Help: Inference busiess Means Brief Cases: Two-Sample Methods Brief Cases: Regression Analysis Brief Cases: Frozen Pizza Global Warming?

Understanding Residuals Kellogg’s Regression Analysis Brief Case: Regression Analysis on the Computer Brief Cases: Quality Control Sony X and R Charts Nonparametric Methods i4cp Ethics in Action Brief Cases: Tables and Selected Formulas E.

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