ISCA mnemonics Information System Cloud Computing. April 30th, – Mnemonics for the ISCA CA final from Dinesh Madan Sir book. hi i want to see dinesh madan isca notes if any body can upload a few topics it will b helpful Study from icai study material, it suffices. Reply. List of Best Author’s for CA final ISCA Notes pdf: 1. Dinesh Madan. 2. Manish Valecha. 3. Padhuka. 4. ICAI Study Material. _

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CA Final ISCA Notes PDF Nov 2017 (Free Download)

I have found that a the questions nktes coming form Module. I have analysed that ICAI prepares questions from those paragraph which generally students leave while preparing….

Read each page of module very clearly and do prepare your notes…Especially those paragraph which you think is useless to come in exam…You will get questions from those paragraph only. Do Chapter wise Analysis like which chapters are easy which are difficult form which chapter how many marks questions are coming and all…It will help you in preparing that chapter on the basis of weight age form exam point if view.

I am founder of a website StudyCafe – Helping Hand of Professionals after passing CA i used to do analysis of CA question papers and used to share important questions and chapters with students but now a days i dont share important quesiton paper and chapters…but you can go through this article How to Prepare ISCA – Studycafe it will help you and in case you have any doubt or query you can write it to me at contact studycafe.

StudyCafe – Helping Hand of Professionals. I read only that and was able to score 63 that is fair enough I hope. Information Systems Concepts 3. Protection of Information Assets 4. Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information Systems 6. Audit of Information Systems 7. Information Technology Regulatory Issues 8.

Dinesh Madan is also a good book, but for understanding. If you follow his answer patern then, it wont be much to score. Simply because ICAI expects candidates to give answers based on their study material. Still many people fail in ISCA and there is sort of a fear crept in the minds of students regarding the subject in itself. It is easy to understand and can help you get through the paper with ease.


Instead of looking for books here and there and wasting your time in travelling, go to MyPustak. Study material is huge. It’s not possible to remember so many things, that too about something which commerce students are not well equipped with.

It wouldn’t help you to score extraordinarily high marks but by studying these two books thoroughly, one can easily score anywhere between 50—60! If you can grasp the language of the PM and reproduce it in the exam then you need not worry at all!

CA Final ISCA Notes PDF Nov (Free Download) – FinApp

Please use that book only as the questions in examination would come directly from the module. They will convert some imperative sentences given in the text into interrogative and ask questions out of that. If you will use any other book, you might miss out on those phrases and as a result lose some precious marks.

Go for memory crafterz. They have the easiest notes. ISCA has never been so simple to understand and learn. Three thousand student iaca learning under in Sunil Sethi. It will be around pgs. Cca reading sirs book see practice manual and suggested answer questions to ensure you are writing correct answers to the questions. Lengthy topics have been very well summarised and Simplified explanation to headings. For all the Subject and notee for this Paper the best book to prepare is your practise manual and the best reference book is Study material.

Remember the key answers are not written from the so that private notes or reference books. If you want to score good marks, you have to in any case refer to the institute’s material for this subject because if you don’t write dinnesh points as mentioned in the institute’s book, you will not score at all.

What is the best book for CA final ISCA? – Quora

Through module you can understand the topic and through practice Manual you will know how to write answer in exam to fetch marks. Ask New Question Sign In. Answered Mar 27, Also preparing your own notes is very imp in ISCA. Earn CPE credit online or in-person in topics from ethics and audit, to blockchain and data isac.

Learn More at aicpastore. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you msdan will help us show you more relevant content in the future.


Is anybody having Amit tated Isca notes of CA final? Answered May 13, You don’t need any explanations or analysis of any topic of ISCA. Moreover nothing can come in the exam out of that thin book.

So you don’t need any reference book for that. I divided the whole book into chapterwise booklets for convienience. I always used to carry 1 booklet while travelling in metro just for plain reading.

As there are mostly direct questions, I referred to the practice manual, some of the last RTPs, the previous year question papers and ticked the important questions in the study material booklets itself. So at last I had to study only those booklets. And yes… I made mnemonic codes for the important questions myself just be creative….

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The book is good and enough for understanding. Answered Oct 21, Answered Jul 9, I would recommend Manish Valechha and Practice Manual. Answered Apr 4, Answered Aug 3, Please study Amit tated sir hand written notes. After reading sirs book see practice manual and suggested answer questions to ensure you are writing correct answers to the questions Since it has only pgs please try to revise at least 3—5 times.

Handwritten Notes on ISCA by Dinesh Madan Sir

Hope this helps u All the best. This is one of the best book for motes study. No book can substitute the study module for the subject. What are the best books for CA final law? What are the best reference books for CA-final? Which book is preferred for the CA finals direct tax? Amit Tated or Jignesh Chheda?

Which is the best book for the CA final law? Is Amit tatted sir’s notes sufficient for Ca final – Isca exam?

Still have a question? Related Questions Which book we have to refer for isca in CA final?