Results 1 – 20 of 20 Calidad Total y Productividad (Spanish Edition) by Gutierrez Pulido, Humberto and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible. Results 1 – 16 of 16 Calidad Total y Productividad (Spanish Edition) by Gutierrez Pulido, Humberto and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible. CALIDAD Y PRODUCTIVIDAD 4¦ED by HUMBERTO GUTIERREZ PULIDO at 3 . CALIDAD Y PRODUCTIVIDAD. Gutierrez,Guillermo. Published by Edición mejorada y actualizada desde su primera aparición en los años noventa. Incluye Nos pondremos en contacto con usted para comunicar el coste total del envío a.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Business Management Module Handbook Programs advertisement. To computte the final gra ade, the fractio ion 0. Materials and Mathematics knowledge, and computinng skill After having finisheed the module, students are ab ble to: Discover the sttructure and prroperties of matter and types oof links in naturre inorganic and organic substa ances.

Interpret the cchemical reactio ons and the stoichiometric funndamental knowledge. Interpret the ffundamentals of of balance reacttions and their aapplications. Design chemiccal equations an nd apply stoichiometry in orgaanic and inorga anic chemical reacttions.

Assess the feas asibility of a cheemical reaction in organic and inorganic substances Identify the maain organic com mpounds and in norganic cationss by means of qualitative anaalysis Chem mical and Metallurgical Prrocesses Moodule Handbo ook Com mpetences: Predict by diffe ferent methodologies both inorrganic and orgaanic chemical reactions Evaluate the pproperties of na atural and synth hetic, and combbustible materia als Carry out a tassk with quality and safety in th he chemical labboratory with th he commitment tto the protectio on of the environ nment.

Eleme ents of periodic p table. Acidity A and bbasicity Solutio ons. Electtrochemistry annd its applicattions. Acid — base Balan nce. Balance of f coordination. Orrbitals molecu ular; Nom menclature of hyydrocarbons; N Nomenclature off organic comppounds oxygena ated and nitrogen.

Reacctions of alkanees, alkenes. Benzenee and electrophilic matic substituution. Polymerizattion; arom Alde ehydes and kettones. And A lipid ds.

Module Handbook Programs

Studyy and examinattion Labo oratory: Tomoss productividar y caliad. Chemical aand Mathemattics knowledge, and computingg skill After having finisheed the module, students are ab ble to: Identify the law of real gases andd their ws that govern the behavior o applications. Apply conceptts on chemical rreactions kinetics.

Identify and annalyze thermod dynamics system ms employed inn metallurgical and chemical proceesses. Analyze the sppontaneity of a chemical reaction Com mpetences: Interpret and aapply thermodyynamic principles on metallurggical and chemical processes to soolve problemattic situations by y characterizingg the behavior o of gases and liquuids. Analyze the thhermodynamic p possibility of ch hemical reactionns in order to accomplish thee objectives by applying conce epts on solutionns and ideal gasses in industrial leevel Therrmodynamics: SStates and Statte functions; Ze ero Principle of f thermodynamics.


The first thermodynamic t c principle appplied to chem mical Physsical Chemistry reacctions; Nature aand laws of the Gases. D Prentice Hall To compute th he final grade, the fraction 0. Materials aand Mathematiics knowledge, and computingg skill After having finishedd the module, gutidrrez are able to: Calculate and educion C design unit operrations to conce entrate a specifific mineral type e.

Supervise the p S performance of hydrometallurg gical and minerralogical processses of mineral trea o tment. Calculate and m C make the metalllurgical balancce in operationss of mineral processing and p d hydrometallurrgical processess. Evaluate and op E ptimize the perrformance of un nit operations ssuch as crushing g, grinding, foam g m flotation and w water removal in the process oof mineral concentration.

Common dete erminations in minerals.

Wayys clidad minin ng, transportingg and handling g minerals. Valluation of conccentrated mine erals. Meta allurgical laboraatory equipment. Inspection oof a pilot plan nt of minerral concentrattion. Electrrical refining of metals. Granullometric analyssis in coarsse samples. Gra anulometric annalysis of sam mples groun nd.

Module Handbook Programs

Leacching of minera als. Mine eral Processing I: Metallurgica al and mineralo ogy. Percentagee of most comm mon meta al in minerals. Environment an nd safety mininng. Mine eral Processingg II: Leachhing of sulphureted coppe er ores. Hydroometallurgy of f Zinc.

Desig gn of the stagess of a gold ore ttreatment. Rivera Zeballoss, Juan H. Tratamiento o de minas. Metallurgyy Theory and Prractice. Recuperado Dec 31, Minerals proceessing comes off age. May 1, 2 Recu uperado Decem mber 31,dde Engineering Plus via Gale: American Instittute of Minning g Tratamiento o de Wills, B.

Heap le eaching for preccious metals. Au gust Staccking systems pfoductividad n heap leachingg. Mining Magazine,n2. Retrieved Decem mber 31,ffrom Engineerin ng Plus via Gale: Fundamentos, pprocesos y aplicaciones.

General Chhemistry and M Mathematics kn nowledge, and gytierrez skilll Afterr having finisheed the module, students are ab ble to: Interpret the fundamental principles p of the chemical bbalance applied d to ations of aciid neutralizattion, gravimetric aand volumetrric determina precipitation, aand oxide reduction. Describe and interpret thee basis of instrumental cheemical analysiss proructividad spectroscopy, chromatograph hy.


Analyze and d interpret the various methodologies s and analyttical Instrumentatioon of calidd app plicability in the e study and conntrol of the qua ality of the environm ment. Perform the aappropriate calcculations of gra avimetric and vvolumetric anallysis and interpret aanalytical resullts.

Evaluate and apply methodologies of ch hemical analyssis, by molecu ular, atomic spectrooscopy and chro omatographic ttechniques of aanalysis.

Apply normal pprocedures for sampling and a analysis of air, w water and soil. Com Sort, calibrate te and check out the operation of glas ass materials and Chem mical and Metallurgical Prrocesses Moodule Handbo ook instrumental eequipment form m the analytical chemical laborratory.

Develop tests for required chemical analyssis to determinne the composiition of, liquid, solidd and gas substances. Evaluate and define the qua ality of effluen nts and other eemissions that are the production iindustry.

Introductio on to chemical analysis. Gravim metric analysis I Volu umetric analysiss. Volum metry of precippitation. Volumetry of co omplex formatio ion. Willard, Hobarrt Instrumental method dsofanalysis. To compute tthe final grade, the fraction Chemical aand Mathemattics knowledge, and computingg skill Afterr having finisheed the module, students are ab ble to: Ottal the fundamentals and chemistrry knowledge to be applied d to processes thatt involve chemiccal reactions.

Analyze and explain the inf nfluence of the e main variablles from chem mical processes of reefining and production of carb bohydrate. Supervises thee performance o of industrial che emical processees from manufacture oof substances reequired by socie ety.

Evaluate and ooptimize the peerformance of th he chemical proocesses used in the industrial prodduction of organ nic and inorgan nic substances. Evaluate and sselect the pullido processing g technologies aavailable for organic and innorganic substances. Indu ustrial Chemistrry I: Techniquees for refining oil and natural al gas. Tomo 11 y 2. Riegel, Emil Raaymond Industrial chem mistry.

Holt and d Co. To compute the final grade, the fraction Interpret the fundamentalss and chemisttry knowledge to be applie ed to processes thatt involve chemical reactions.

Analyze and explain the in nfluence of the guiterrez main variabbles of the reffining chemical proceesses and production of carbo ohydrate. Evaluate the procedures for fo obtaining industrial i chem micals in orde er to determine theeir efficiency and productivity.