Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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He determined to give it his all. So, rather than shipping him straight to the infirmary in the alpine monastery in Training Zone 25, he was sent to stross in the Rebirth Wing of the Chrysanthemum Clinic, on the Avenue of the Immortals of Medicine, in the city of Leng, on the northeastern seaboard of the continent of Nova Zealantis, more than four billion years after the time stgoss which he had been born.

History can wait a little longer.

Palimpseste by Charles Stross

We can do terraforming, and timegates, he realized. Have your people ever met me before? Shuttles move among them like ants amidst an aphid farm, harvesting and storing their largesse as they swing out to Jupiter before dropping palimpsewt in toward Mercury. Would that be acceptable? Fifty years ago, the Benzin had swept around the eastern coastline of what was still North America, erupting from their heartland in the central isthmus to extend their tribute empire into the scattered tribal grounds of post-Neolithic nomads known to Stasis Control only by their code names: And there will be speeches.

It would cast doubt on my commitment. Your first dissertation— Her parents were a professor and a dean; she might as well have said sheikh or baron. A complex reaction ensues, rapidly liberating gamma radiation and neutrinos, and the core begins to heat up.

It was a childish palimpsst shortsighted act, but the repeated failures were eating away at his patience. The thrusters will push briefly, reorienting you, sliding Jupiter out of sight behind your back. But when you slice a period of interest into fourteen-millisecond chunks, you run out charlez time fast. I wish this was a full on novel because stroes was too short. Shock waves thunder through the gas clouds, creating new stellar nurseries, igniting millions of massive, short-lived new stars; for a brief ten-million-year period, the nighttime sky will be lit by a monthly supernova fireworks display.


You have completed your internship and your probationary assignments, worked alone and unsupervised in palompsest times: I’ll be picking up a copy of the Wireless paperback so I have a ‘proper’ copy to keep.

What I know about the Guardians of Time —that was what the Hegemonites called the Stasis, those in power who had polite words for them— and can tell you is mere trivia. Planets are not bound to their stars by physical cords, and gravity is weak; innumerable adjustments to the orbits of all the significant planets will be required if they are to be carried along.

Time travel is weird, confusing, strosss inconsistent. By the time the Earth drops back toward the frost line of the solar system, the technicians char,es have roused the zombie necrosun from its grave. First deuterium, then the ordinary hydrogen nuclei begin to fuse. How did they find you? The phone buzzed again like an angry wasp trapped inside his ribs. Beyond it, ranks of angled wooden writing desks spanned the room from wall to wall.

Palimpsest (novella) – Wikipedia

Like gas molecules in the upper atmosphere of a planet warmed by a star, the lightest leave first. It will take a million years for the gamma-ray pulse to work its way out through the choking, blanketing layers of degenerate hydrogen, but the neutrino pulse heralds the birth cry of a new star.

You have all been told what it is that you must do in order to graduate. Unicellular life once common in the Milky Way, at least has taken a knock; multicellular life much rarer has received a mortal body blow. The sky is quiet and deathly cold.


This part of history, a century and strosss before the emergence of the first universal-surveillance society, before the beginning of the history to which the Stasis laid claim, was mutable in small but significant ways.


The mere idea of that much data beggared the imagination. It was a hot day, and the park was far from empty. This momentous and solemn occasion marks the end of your formal training, but not the end of your studies and your search for excellence.

But I— Pierce stopped, collected his thoughts, and continued.

Can you get over the wall if I create a diversion? Korektan a zahtjevan prijevod nije spasio stvar. So, why is someone trying to assassinate him?


This is no longer a suitable epoch for Science Empires, for the dynamic universe they were called upon to study is slipping out of sight. About this Archive Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. They have assigned you to me as the topic of my first dissertation.

You took an EMP that fried your suit. Pierce clenched his teeth, realizing his mistake. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Have you given thought to what happens every time you step through a timegate? He carried a spear tipped with a shard of synthetic diamond, mined from a deep seam of prehistoric automobile windshields. It needs to be a novel. Then she looked back at the two hundred stone steps that lay before her, inanimate and treacherous, and began to descend the mountainside.

Look at that, my lord, look! Normally, I quite enjoy Charles Stross work, though he tangents into contexts which don’t interest me.