Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index ยท Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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Chingiz Abdullayev – masterful storyteller – is brilliant in creating suspenseful plots that captivate his readers. Here in “The Retaliatory Blow”, Drongo reveals the inner workings of a detective’s mind, and successfully unravels the mystery surrounding a murder that has been puzzling family and friends for the past five years. Abdullayev weaves a compelling plot that lingers in your mind long after you finish reading the last word.

Chingiz Akif oghlu Abdullayev was born in Baku on April 7, He is known mostly for his detective novels, which became extremely popular throughout the former Soviet Union and continue to attract readers not only in the CIS but also throughout the world.

Chingiz has been published more than any other Azerbaijani writer. Copies of his books exceed 20 million copies – mostly in the genre of detective novels and short stories in the Russian language.

He has authored more than 86 works, including novels and short stories, which have been published in 16 languages in 23 countries including the countries of the Former Soviet Union, France, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Bulgaria. Some of his characters, such as Drongo, have become so well known and beloved by the general public that they have become woven into legends and parodies.

There were only three days left until his departure. In a few days he would be leaving these quiet shores, and again immerse himself in the atmosphere of plots, mutinies and endless wars.

He would again be living in what could almost be considered a military zone, watching how a group of people takes power from another.

– Short Story – Chingiz Abdullayev – Retaliatory Blow ()

After the collapse of the empire of which he had been a citizen, his former small province had become an independent state – a so-called “Banana Republic”. True, once Abduplayev papers had noted that, not bananas, but eggplants, grew in his small state but it didn’t make it less shameful or less painful. So he had three more days. And he was trying to fill every hour to the abdyllayev.


From the first glance, he had not liked this old woman. Even though the notion of “old” doesn’t exist in France, still this lady had long stepped beyond her “Balzac age”. He was the one that this old crow was looking for.

She was tall, wearing a dark dress and a big hat. He couldn’t make out her face. He only noticed her lips pressed together in stubborn resolve. It was too late to run away. He let her approach rather closely and only then turned his head. Even this cold look didn’t confuse her.

It was obvious that she was planning on getting what she wanted. He had to get up from such a comfortable chair. He sat down, understanding that he wouldn’t easily get rid of this sad, old woman with the stern look in her eyes.

Up until now, the conversation had been carried out in English. He understood her but still said: If you don’t mind, could we speak in English? You’re a former citizen of the Soviet Union.

You should know this language. My parents fled here in I thought you might have heard of our last name – Polonski. Only this was missing. And there were only three days left. It was useless to deny it: Steven Ross, conducted it. I was just helping him. If you need some help, talk with him. I can even give you his phone number in London,” Drongo added with self-satisfaction. He could hardly keep himself from laughing out loud. I’m sorry, madam, but don’t you think that you’re a bit late in your search?

Probably she didn’t catch the irony in his voice. At first we thought that he had just left home and we didn’t contact the police.

Besides, we soon got a letter from him. But then there was silence.

We started worrying and hired private detectives. But he wasn’t found. It has already been five years since I last saw my grandson. That’s why I’m asking for your help. This is not realistic, Madam Polonskaya, and I’m afraid you have a rather exaggerated opinion about me after reading that agdullayev article.

Visions are not abdul,ayev expertise, Madam Polonskaya. You can find the killer among them. And I will die with a calm heart.

Drongo (character)

Serge was the last Polonski in this world. His parents died in an accident in Avallon. Drongo was not pleased with the idea of undertaking an investigation for a crime that had been committed five years ago. You have only to choose. I want to know which of them could have killed Serge and why.


At the beginning of your conversation, you told me that your grandson had left for some place himself after which you had even received a letter from him. And now you claim that he was killed. Would it be tactless if I pointed out this discrepancy?

Now I know that for sure. We sent the letter to experts.

The letter had been forged. And I know about the murder because Serge always wore the cross of St. Andrey Pervozvanni around his neck. The cross was a Faberge. There were 15 rubies and diamonds embedded in qbdullayev. They were very small, but carefully chosen.

That was my son’s cross. It would be impossible for me ever to have confused it; one of the stones had a small defect.

Cyingiz cross sparkled in the woman’s hands. The case was becoming interesting. I went there quite by accident and discovered this cross. They promised to help a crazy woman. And that was it, no one even called again. Did you find out how this thing happened to be in the store? And the old owner had passed away. We’ve known each other for many years and he has always helped me.

Count George de Rouvroit. However, you know the genealogies of French aristocracy so well. Really, you’ve been sent to me by God. It’s just that I love French literature. Let’s get back to our problems. What was written in that letter?

Do you have it with you? Drongo opened the folded piece of paper and read the letter. I’ll stay for a while in ArgentinaBrazil. I have money so far. Take care of yourself. My name is Yekaterina Grigoryevna. In any case, she was suffering such grief. I can’t do wonders. You abdulpayev me who was at your place five years ago and who will be abdllayev tomorrow.

I’ll accept your invitation and come to dinner. Abdulllayev I must warn you.