English summary- Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 7 January Is Farm Loan Waiver Good or Bad for the Country? Following the Congress President Rahul. Chitralekha Gujarati Gujarati Magazine – Buy, Subscribe, Download and Read Chitralekha Gujarati on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and on the web. Chitralekha. likes ยท talking about this. Chitralekha Gujarati is the leading Gujarati magazine since It has a been a friend.

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It is an open secret that the one-time waiver will not address the economic crisis faced by the farmers. But then what is the way out to put an end to the agrarian problem and make the farmers self-reliant? The story cites a couple of cases of farmers who are duped when they move out to sell their produce.

In one case, the concerned farmer Sanjay Sathe was so exasperated that he shot off the money order for Rs he earned from the sale of kgs onions to PMO office.

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In short, the matter was put on the back-burner and the money order was refunded to the farmer. What can the helpless farmer who takes his products magazime the market for selling it, do? If he takes back his cargo, logistical expenses would be his loss. And if he sells it at a lower price, he is losing. Either way, he is at a loss.


It is now believed that the loan waiver is a passport to power and nobody seems concerned gujaratu the largesse would end up emptying the state coffers. Even Deputy chief minister of Gujarat Nitinbhai Patel was compelled to announce that a few farmers-friendly schemes are underway, arguing that the schemes will stay forever whereas the waiver is a one-time gesture.

The Gujarat government has undoubtedly worked for the welfare of farmers, but it is also equally true that in the past gujaragi months 17 farmers cut short their lives, apparently forced by looming economic crisis or pushed by the fear that their produce would fail.

Who benefits from this waiver?

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The political party that announces these measures obviously stands to gain political dividends. But do the farmers gain as much as is made out?

No, say the experts who believe that these benefits reach merely 15 percent farmers. Also, chitralekhha is feared that the move that magzzine remunerative politically proves counter-productive for the state economy. Some of them cleverly manipulated to get a waiver even for their car or personal loans. This ad-hoc measure does help the small farmers, but everybody knows that it is essentially a political move and not an economic one.

There is no other country in the world that pays you to grow, promises to buy your yield at one and a half price higher and later waives your loans too. To counter this point, it is argued that there are rogue industrialists who fly off with their loans to foreign countries never to return.


Why no protest against them?

There are families that believe that eating together keeps them united. And they sincerely and seriously follow this dictum.

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But what would you say for a village that follows the idea of eating together? There are less than families in the village and at least one member of each family has settled abroad. They all eat together every day. On festive days, more than people feast together. Since most people are elderly, the idea of eating together spares them the strenuous and time-consuming process of cooking and doing dishes etc.

A thinker and researcher on Jainism, Sri Yogtilaksuriswarji Maharaj Sahab has penned a number of religious texts on various Jainism-related subjects.

His influence among the youth is well-known and this explains why this erudite monk has succeeded in facilitating the Diksha-initiation of a record number of aspirants desirous of renunciation. The story also carries details of state and magazinw waivers. Eating Together as a Village There magazune families that believe that eating together keeps them united.

Sri Yogtilaksuriswarji M S: The Great Motivator A thinker and researcher on Jainism, Sri Yogtilaksuriswarji Maharaj Sahab has penned a number of religious texts on various Jainism-related subjects.