Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet. Hitchens, Christopher. 76, ratings by Goodreads. ISBN / ISBN Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet by Christopher Hitchens at – ISBN – ISBN – Karl. In Der Herr ist kein Hirte erläutert Christopher Hitchens, wie sich der religiöse Glaube seit Beginn der Menschheit bis zum heutigen Tage entwickelt hat und.

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According to Hitchens, the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, is one long nightmare, in which a cranky god thrones over hitchene chosen people that he incites to genocide. Because Hitchens is basically wrong, if not in every detail then certainly in the main question.

Translated by Russell Berman. God created the original chaos, in contrast to the pagan gods who emerged from it. Unfortunately, in god is not Great Christopher Hitchens can not resist the scatter-shot approach. Part of Hitchens’ frustration is also to be found in the fact that people are so damn gullible. My first objection to his thesis that piety poisons everything may seem weak.

Economic ian Carte Paperback — 27 Jul Carte Paperback — 03 Oct But that, and his discussion of a large number of religious issues, make for a mess of an argument. Hitchens does offer — here and there and everywhere — proper objections to all sorts of aspects of hitchnes, from the misguided and dangerous attitudes towards sex to their ridiculous foundations, and he does show, again and again, what terrible consequences all this has, but all these parts don’t add up to much of a whole.


The German edition is Oein Herr ist kein Hirte: Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. And the Catholic Church stood shoulder to shoulder with fascists, be it in Austria, Hungary, or Slovakia, where a Nazi puppet regime was even led by a cleric Josef Tiso. How can anyone believe this stuff?

Carte Paperback — 03 May Carte Paperback — 26 Apr He is probably the christolher thinker of his generation of baby-boomers in the English-speaking world. In general, he finds nothing of quality in it. Hitchens might objects that all these scientists ceased to be religious faithful at the moment when they began to work scientifically.

Of course, Hitchens concedes that there have been a handful of admirable believers—Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Martin Luther King, for example—but they have been admirable primarily due to dsr humanism not their religion.

Attacking organised religion can be like shooting fish in a barrel: To be sure, the Church did have some reservations about the Nazis; but this did chdistopher prevent it from signing a concordat with the Hitler regime in Even in its foundations most religions are obviously built up on previous ones; so, for example: Carte Chrkstopher — June We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. It would run something like this: In its wake, man could face creation freely.

Cărți de Christopher Hitchens

Carte Paperback — 13 Apr But was it not precisely the atheists of the twentieth century who persecuted millions? Hitchens just does not get it: Don’t miss a single issue. Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays on culture, politics and literature.


Part of what Hitchens wants to convey is that this is a very bad thing: Carte Paperback — 10 Aug One has to give it to Hitchens who, as executioner, does a thorough job.

On Christopher Hitchens’s God Is Not Great

Carte Paperback — 19 Aug This role of religion, in controlling people and accumulating and exercising power, is perhaps its most dangerous consequence; Hitchens does a decent job of showing that, but, as with everything else in the book, he gets drawn away on tangents even as he makes this argument.

The Hebrew Bible begins with a blasphemy.

According to him, Communism—with its rigid hierarchy and infallibility illusion—simply imitated the priestly kingdoms of antiquity. The complete review ‘s Review:. As an antitheist, he regarded concepts of a god or supreme being as a totalitarian belief that impedes individual freedom.

Carte Paperback — 07 Jul Yet if religious faith is the natural enemy of science, how come so many natural scientists were religious? Carte Paperback — May In the end, every believer on the planet would have to concede in a moment of honesty to have felt the tug of doubt. At the same time, there is probably no atheist be it a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Hindu atheist who has hktchens wondered about whether there is more beyond us.

Carte Paperback — 07 Dec Certainly, his call for “a renewed Enlightenment” is one that one wishes would be heeded, but it seems ,ein that this book will help pave the way.