Seeing a UNESCO World Heritage site not so far out of Buenos Aires, I made the trip and was happy I did. There’s not much of a tour, the cashier basically. Le Corbusier designed Maison Curutchet for an Argentinian surgeon Located in La Plata, Argentina, the house is attached to an existing. The Curutchet House is the only work of Le Corbusier built in Argentina and the Americas (although Le Corbusier designed projects in the U.S.

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Hello, i study architecture in France and i want to ask if it’s possible to send me the 3D modelisation of this house please? It’s for a work for my studies. Please answer me if it’s possible.

The Curutchet House is open to the public due to its preservation by the Institute of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires, an institution that uses the house as its headquarters. La Plata is houwe unique city in South America and one of the best examples of Hygienism of the late nineteenth century on the continent in this blog were have reviewed other cases of Hygienism in South America: The beauty of its monumental axis and the imposing size of the Moreno Square dialogue with the stature of its neo-Gothic cathedral, made of brick and completed only in The Curutchet House is located in a residential area of La Plata, in a lot across a small trapezoidal triangular green area, a prelude to a huge park called El Bosque the Forest.

This closeness to nature and the adjacent building volumetric proportions, influenced Le Corbusier, who would consider these aspects to integrate the house to its surroundings. Curutchet house across the street from El Bosque. Photo courtesy of Patricia Yarleque. The renowned Argentinian surgeon Pedro Domingo Curutchet wrote to Le Corbusier in requesting him to make a design for his new house.

Sculpture inside the house. Photo courtesy of Patricia Yarleque The program included an office, a house for the doctor, his wife and two daughters, a guest room and facilities.

For the construction of the house it was important to involve the renowned Argentinian architect Amancio Williamswho not only proposed changes to the draft of house which Le Corbusier accepted but also he was responsible for directing and executing the works. After the death of the doctor, the daughters gave their home in custody to the Colegio de Arquitectos de La Plata.


Le Corbusier with model of the Curutchet House. The tree is integrated with the architecture and it also divides the public and private areas. The visitor is welcomed by a small portico which, in addition to symbolically mark the entrance to the house, it provides a human scale suitable for the reception area.

File:Curutchet House – Wikipedia

The interior space is separated from the street by a fine boundary defined by a thin fence. In addition to the pedestrian entrance there is also a vehicular access. The first floor is a forest of columns, which are organized in a grid layout, regardless of the location of the walls, allowing light to enter while giving a feeling of wide space.

The services are locatedat the back of the house In Argentina the first level is called Ground Floor. The first level is measured from the top to the ground floor. In this blog we have always called “first floor” to the street level, but differences can be found in the available literature. The ramp which is independent from the stairs leading to residential curufchet leads to the mezzanine, which is the office.

This is basically formed by a waiting area and consultation the one that has better visuals. The area of internship, located in the back of the consultation, has independent toilets.

The ramp leads to the office. This is the social area of the house, from which you can access to a wide terrace running the entire width of the lot and from which magnificent views to the park can be enjoyed. To avoid too much solar incidence on the terrace, which hhouse be unbearable in the summer, Le Corbusier suggested the use of a parasol and bris soleil, which, coupled with the tree, provide shade to the space.

Integrated into the terrace there are a double-height lounge and a dining room. Cruutchet functionality of the kitchen, equipped with a service entrance, is unusual for the time in which it was designed.

The lounge opens to a double height room, to the north continues with the “patio” or “hanging garden” designed to create the most important part of the house, where one lays under the sun, the shade and the green.


Peter Curutchet on May 24, Detail of the wooden blinds in the bedroom. The pilotis curtuchet light to enter inside while enhancing the feeling of space. The structural layout is independent of the building’s walls. The facade becomes transparent.

Le Corbusier in La PLata – Curutchet House

The bris soleil are also used as aesthetic elements. The ribbon window allows magnificent views and generous natural light. Use of the terrace as an extension of space. As mentioned in previous postthe modulor is a proportional system created by Le Corbusier, based on anthropometric measures and the golden ratiobecause he believed that the proportion of the buildings was necessary to express beauty.

The architect used this system to design the house elements, distances and the height of the ceiling Williams had to ask special permission in the city of La Plata to build rooms with a height lower than the regulation.

The visual sequence along the route is always offering a new experience of space. At each step, we appreciate the harmonious succession of spaces and the fine use of the light.

This spatial arrangement can be perceived, for example, in the course of the ramp, an element created primarily for the exaltation of the internal space. In the words of Dr. Claudio Conenna, “with these elements, Le Corbusier creates dynamic spatial situations, varied perceptions of visuals and perspectives, aside of a consistent transition of scale and lighting in the whole space, with the intention to move both kinetic and emotionally to the man who lives the building.

Click here to see a video tour of the house. Not only the front facade, but the internal one use bris soleil. Photo courtesy of 86 partner. Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, Japan.

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