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Preparing Your Management Station. Installing the Service Pack File Size and Directory Name Introduction Provides information on the PowerVault NX cluster solution architecture and features. Dlel also includes Solution the detailed setup procedure and configuration options available.

The internal network is the infrastructure for PowerVault NX clustering, including the heartbeat monitor, data transfer, and mirroring information between the controllers.

For example, a new or replacement controller from the Dell factory is considered as a standby controller. In addition, both nx5300 are protected by BPS, which helps protect data during power failure. The PowerVault NX’s global file system has the ability to serve all users concurrently without performance constraints. Delll configuration consists of two controllers in a cluster to ensure that there will be no single point of failure.

The PowerVault NX software is installed on each of the controllers. The software is a complete package, consisting of an operating system, volume management, distributed file system, and clustering technology. RAID storage subsystems are designed to eliminate single points of failure.

Each active component in the storage subsystem is redundant and hot- swappable. It enables the PowerVault NX to perform load balancing between controllers, and ensures that the service continues dfll if a controller fails. A successful configuration of the PowerVault NX involves the following steps: Peer connections are always back to back. It must have IPv6 enabled. This nx35000 provides the steps necessary to configure the host group and virtual disks that are required for the PowerVault NX system.

The number of virtual disks must increment in pairs. The virtual disk name should not exceed 30 characters. Since the controllers are not configured yet, no hosts will be available at this time.

Dell NX3500 Server User Manual

No host other than the NX controllers should be added to this host group. The host group is added to the storage array. Only select the virtual disks that were created specifically to be used by the PowerVault NX You must select an even number of virtual disks, up to For Windows-based management stations: If autorun is enabled, proceed to step 5.

Use this utility only to configure two unconfigured controllers. This utility does not check for duplicate IPs or null entries.


These are used to establish communication with the PowerVault NX controllers and perform initial configuration. This can be found on the System Identification slide out tab located underneath the front bezel of the controller. This is the IP address through which del system on the network can be reached at all times, such as a domain controller. The other two ports can be used to provision block storage to other iSCSI cell. The Configuration Results window is displayed.

See “Define Two Hosts” on page This host shares access to the same virtual disks with other hosts. The Specify Host Group window is displayed.

NX system, or after upgrading the system. Clicking Yes enables the current session. Clicking View Certificate, as explained in the following step, enables all future sessions. The Certificate window is displayed.

Action Bar The Action bar, located above the page, consists of additional functionality relevant to the current page displayed. For more information on the menus, see the Online Help. Admin Tabs The Admin tabs divide the administration tasks into functional groups. When you select a different tab, the functionality displayed in the Administration tree changes. Toolbar The NAS Manager toolbar, located on the upper right side of the page, displays the following options.

Help Selecting this opens the online help in the section most relevant to the currently displayed page. All text columns in the table are then searched. You can view the overall status of the system on the Dashboard page, see the quotas usage report and receive remote replication job status reports.

It shows dsll status of the entire system in a single view. This page includes five real-time and short-term sections: The information in the screen hx3500 refreshed automatically every few seconds. The system does not provide service to any clients. Fault The system has a problem providing service.

The system may recover automatically within several minutes depending on the fault. Server Status All optimal All the indicators of controllers’ health are optimal. NFS edll are not connection-oriented. Table provides a broad view of the system’s load balancing. This page contains four tabs, each provides a different period. For example, last day, last week, last month, and last year. Network Performance Indicators Deell Protocol The screen includes four tabs, each tab presents a different periods, for example, last day, last week, last month, and last year.

Protocol The protocol that the client connection uses: For other local clients, for example, routers, the system displays the value ‘Other’ as the protocol.

To enable automatic rebalance, select the Allow these clients to migrate to other controllers when rebalancing the network load checkbox.

To keep the selected clients assigned controller permanent except during fail-over clear the Allow these clients to migrate to other controllers when rebalancing the network load checkbox.


Dell PowerVault Nx3500 Unified Storage System 0t5r1j T5R1J –

If the system requires manual intervention to rebalance it after fail-over, the system sends an appropriate message by email to the administrator. Click Refresh to update the information displayed.

It provides information about status, internal hardware, connectivity, and power for the two controllers. Component Status Viewing Detailed Status To view additional details on the status of a specific controller, click the controller whose information you want to view.

The Quota Usage page displays the quotas and usage of all users including users for which no quota has been defined. It includes users that have been removed from the system but still have usage. To display the quotas usage, choose: The Quota Usage page is displayed. The Active Remote Replication Jobs page is displayed.

Remote Replication Report The Remote Replication Report page enables you to display all non-active jobs that were executed on the cluster since the last installation. To display the Remote Replication Report page, choose: You can define various queries to search for specific types of events, or use the predefined queries Current, Major-Critical and Remote Replication.

For example, if you want to debug a certain component and would like to view all the messages regarding that component. The Filter dlel enables you to choose the fields for your query. A pop-up window prompts you to define the query name. Each NAS volume holds user data. Users need to specifically mount each share.

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Choosing an Allocation Strategy Choosing to define multiple NAS volumes enables administrators to apply different management policies such as Backup, Snapshots, Quotas, and Security Style to their data.

If you change the allocated space for the NAS volume, the new allocation is bounded by its used space minimum and the available space in Dell PowerVault NX maximum. To use an Active Directory domain account that has its primary group set as the Domain Admins group: The NAS volume is represented as a folder. The Run window is displayed. To use the correct user in the MMC connection you can use either of the following: Quota values always relate to a specific volume and are specified in units of MB.

Adding a Quota To add a quota: The Create Quota page is displayed. PowerVault NX file system. When replicating a volume to another PowerVault NX system, the other fell must be setup as a replication partner.

RO Activating Replication Replication rell a licensed feature. The syntax is as follows: Click on the hyperlink on the source system to modify a replication policy.