The Missa Se la face ay pale uses the tenor of Dufay’s own chanson as its structural cantus firmus. The distribution of the phrases of this tenor throughout the. Dufay Missa Se La Face Ay Pale – Kyrie & Gloria The Hilliard Ensemble full. Composer: Guillaume Dufay was born in Cambrai, France and became one of the. Instruments: A cappella. Published: Description: This chanson is the source of the cantus firmus for Missa Se la face ay pale. External websites.

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Missa Se la face ay pale

Masses were not heavily covered in class, and I wanted to learn more about them. Confiteor unum baptisma in remissionem peccatorum. If my face is pale the reason is love.

This creates not only a broad framework for forward motion in general, but also a sense of real excitement and cumulative momentum towards the end of each of the two longer movements. The basis of the piece is the previously discussed polyphonic ballade, a secular love song, which was common for cyclic masses in the early Renaissance.

If, as seems possible, it came into existence to celebrate a grand public event, perhaps a dynastic wedding, then there could be no more thought-provoking demonstration of the mutually interdependent relations of the transient requirements of social culture and the universal purposes and beauties of art.


Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. He later worked in the Cambrai Cathedral, affecting the types of compositions he produced. The inner pair — Gloria and Credo — present the entire melody three time, with proportional reductions in the ratio 3: Gratias agimus tibi propter magnam gloriam tuam. A History of Music in Western Culture.

You only are the Lord. Qui propter nos homines et propter nostram salutem descendit de caelis. Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex Maria virgine: Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula.

You take away the sins of the world, receive our prayer. Its courtly text speaks in clever, punning rhymes of the pale-faced, dejected lover. A large difference is the genre. And the life of the world to come.

He ascended into heaven: The text itself and the use of Latin indicate the setting of a Mass Ordinary. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Se la face ay pale (Guillaume Dufay) – ChoralWiki

The site is also available in several languages. His Missa Se la face ay pale is one of the b The vocal layout of the Mass is sonorous but completely lucid, with two highish tenor parts one of them carrying the cantus firmusa distinctively melodic top part lying a fifth above, and a contra tenor bassus lying a fifth below—a texture modelled, perhaps, on that of the English four-voice cyclic Masses of the s Caput and Veterem hominem which had recently created such a stir among Continental musicians.


Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. She is the most regal woman that one could look upon. Missa Se la face ay pale. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified; he has spoken through the Prophets.

This lends to the Mass a complex and “advanced” sense of structural unity by linking groups of movements as subsets within the structure. And since she has such power, without her I cannot. Dufay and the Court of Savoy.

Missa Se la face ay pale. We give thanks to you for your great glory. Don’t show me this message again. Begotten not made, of one being with the Father: