Buy e: The Story of a Number (Princeton Science Library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. e has ratings and 87 reviews. Tara said: e: The Story of a Number certainly lives up to its title!The book begins with an introduction to logarit. In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.

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Worth a read if you want to amor the actual maths for the historical and big picture stuff, and even more useful if you don’t mind ploughing through the maths for a deeper understanding.

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. I concetti vengono spiegati in maniera molto chiara, oserei dire meglio che quanto viene fatto a scuola da noi. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Bach s Johann Bernoulli, the logarithmic spiral in nature and art, And even though ‘e’s use can be found in diverse places–“the interest earned in a bank account, the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, and the shape of the Gateway Arch in St.

Aug 29, Brent Neal rated it really liked it Shelves: And it was good to be reminded what actual maths is about in a way that wasn’t too disconcerting.

Review: e: The Story of a Number | EMS

I definitely recommend this book to anybody interested in history of math and science. I checked it out and really quite enjoyed reading it.

For one thing, this book has differential numbrr. This one strikes a very careful balance between those extremes. Of course there are many precursors before one arrived at calculus.

The historical aspects add a narrative element, and of course the writing is far more pleasant than a textbook too. View table of contents. A 4,Year History all Princeton.

He thoroughly covers the differing views of Newton and Leibniz as they developed the calculus. This would be better advertised as a history of calculus, as more time was devoted to that than to e. The story of [pi] has been told many times, both in scholarly works and stody popular books.


It reads smoothly, xtory well illustrated, with some more technical material moved to appendices although the main text is not avoiding formulas, it remains quite accessible for a general interested reader. It is of course directly connected to the logarithm and the exponential function and to many other topics in mathematics too. Sounds daunting, numbee one can think of this number as a basis for measuring rate of change in many processes involving so called exponential growth the rate of growth is proportional to the current sli of the system.

He shows how e appeared in nature and the arts – musical scales, the spiral mirablis, a hanging chain, the parabolic arc of a projectile, the Gateway Arch. It needs binomial powers, the concept of infinity and of a limit.

e: the Story of a Number

How to Solve It Georg Polya. I read about half this x and then put it down. Of course the latter directly relates to complex numbers too. Geared to the reader with only a modest background in mathematics, the book d The story of [pi] has been told many times, both in scholarly works and in popular books. What happens if n tends to infinity? It is of course the original publication and this means that no updates are done, no additional comments or recent references are added.

Squaring the Hyperbola 8.

The idea of multiplying numbers by adding the exponents when they are represented by powers was proposed by John Napier The maths in the book is followable jaor anyone with A-level standard, although some of the subjects eg.

I will only be giving it a cursory glance though.

e: The Story of a Number

A good book from Eli Maor. Another topic that could not have been elo is in the trailing chapter about the transcendence of e proved by Hermite in The interest earned on a bank account, the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, and the shape of the Gateway Arch in St. While the history itself was not terribly new to me, my attention and delight was found in Maor’s very instructive sidebars demonstrating applications, including the logarithmic spiral in art and the Weber-Fechner law.


While the historical content of the book is certainly fascinating, it is maof what I signed up for when I started reading. The Best Books of But any story in the field of math be it zero, ‘e,’ Phi, PI tells us more about that bumber, insightful language that can tell us so much about the why’s and what’s of our surroundings, as well as provide the more practical to suit our human needs.

Start Free Trial No credit card required. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Want to Read saving…. Here he departs from his stor account to describe, at length, an imagined conversation between J. Great history book of mathematics which explains also the mathematical concepts themselves.

Euler was a legend. I will only be giving it a curs Enjoyable skim through the basics of logarithms, conic sections, calculus, and various other areas of mathematics relating to e.

After the speech, one of the club members told me about this book.

But all that aside, I can’t stay angry for long. It’s actually pretty good. Maog at this sexy maro This account of e raises the questions again, “What is this language of numbers that humans have developed and how is this language linked to the world ‘out there’? In England, where it originated, the calculus fared less well. This book has been very satisfying for me to read so far since I have enough background to understand the math fairly easily, but at the same time the topics are unfamiliar to me.

Bach and Johann Bernoulli.