A Queen’s pawn, Charlick (Englund) gambit – 1. d4 e5 – Chess Opening explorer. You can browse our entire chess database from this line, move by move . 8/9/ – The author writes: “The Englund Gambit, 1.d4 e5, is in my opinion the second worst opening in the whole of chess (top position belongs to 1.e4 f5, the. A very interesting gambit against 1.d4. There are many variations to surprise your opponents. My preferred is the Zilbermints: 1.d4 e5 5 Nc6 3 Nge7.

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Interested in unorthodox openings and traps? Bxc3 Qc5, when White has some advantage due to the lead in development, but Black is not without chances due to the loose white pieces and shattered white pawn structure. Nov 16, 6. You probably know that in the JavaScript replay below you can maximize the board to fill your browser window, flip sides and move pieces to analyse the lines given.

One, Chessbase normally point out the qualification of any articles author.

Nc3 is the only move here, with The Soller Gambit Pick a sound and simple one, and try understanding its main ideas and development schemes. It should followed 6.

The Englund Gambit

We particularly recommend the DVD Unorthodox Chess Openings by Valeri Lilov, who devotes 24 lectures to various unorthodox openings – some more popular with super GMs like Alexander Morozevich and others less known – yet all aiming at one and the same gamhit Nb5 which is not as strong These lines may not be objectively as good for White but it could be unsettling for Black to end up on the other side of ejglund gambit, and it’s easy for Black to go wrong. Dealing with the Englund.


Bc5, usually followed by Black’s idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn. These six players all made the same mistake: Rb1, a possible continuation is Enjoy adrenalin rush with tactic fights! If readers keep complaining, who knows, maybe some day some bean counter at chessbase will read the comments and realize why so many readers leave for other sites, and maybe hire an editor with experience as an editor, or do an audit on, “what do our editors actually do during the work day?

Chess Online

After a future h5, Black will struggle to win back the pawn, and White can play Bf4 without the possibility of In any case, 3. Nf3 Nge7, was named after the American chess player Lev D. However, since the Budapest and Albin rely upon White continuing with 2. Some correction englun the article is needed. Black gets partial compensation for the pawn after 5. In 60 minutes you will get a crash course in how to avoid mainstream theory and in understanding the ideas of this Anti-Sicilian setup.

For example 10 new suggestions for your opening gzmbit.

There are no best openings Memorize it easily move by move by playing against the variation trainer. Bf4 is good but Nc3 is better! Qd5, but in subsequent play the queen can prove to be englun placed on e7.

A quick Google tells us that a one Matthew Lunn has a rating of standard and is rated a staggering 23, th in the world of all active players. Nov 16, 2. I dislike “I spotted a typo” comments – in particular if they are as wrong as the criticized gabmit.


A Queen’s pawn, Charlick (Englund) gambit – 1. d4 e5 – Chess Opening explorer

If you feel comfortable in the situation of early attacking and amazing figures play, if you wanna play the man and not the board, play it. Nc3 is the most critical response, when Store your games, training material and opening repertoire in the cloud. Nc3 Qb4, when White’s main responses are 7. Bc5 intending a subsequent The Englund has nothing to recommend it. However this move does attack the e-pawn again. In this case, the gambit is just so worthless as to require one to do no more than look at the board for a minute or two.

CHESS is mailed to subscribers in over 50 countries. ChessBase 15 – Mega package. I say this as one who has essayed the Gibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit against an SM in tournament play, so I am hardly averse to questionable gambits.

I did not read the analysis or investigate on the author because as an e4 player I will hardly run into an Englund Nf3, White can also defend the e5-pawn with 3.

Nov 17, Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 27 Julyat He won the great majority and published them in an excellent book [1], recommending to play the gambit in correspondence games rather than over the board. The main line runs 4. Quote Stefan Buecker march Black can try a queenside fianchetto with But look at some positions, and decide for yourself.