Evangelismo Pioneiro. Done. Comment. 21 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on March 8, All rights reserved. copies Evangelismo Pioneiro. Cover Art: Rogerio Freitas de Oliveira. Preliminary translation: Christy Akins Brawner. Final version: Juan Alberto Galvis. Sacerdócio Universal – Vocação e Evangelismo – documento [*.pdf] manual de treinamento – evangelismo pioneiro 11 exibições,43 páginas.

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I am 60 years old and have seen this deterioration as I call it first hand.

I remember when we were small our new church then met in a neighbors yard under a beautiful maple tree, those are my fondest memories of church. We stood there with umbrellas in the rain, with coats in the cold but by grace and with love for the almighty we were there. Later we moved to a garage with everyone bringing their own chair in hand with their Bible, no one complained.

I can’t imagine anyone today standing under just an old tree and feeling only God’s love around them without a cushioned pew to sit their behinds on! The new beautiful buildings and the large budgets just don’t feel as Godly to pionejro. Apparently we have to be in great comfort to evangelize. Fossilizing on those comfortable pews.

That ole tree still stands today, my heart loves it when my eyes see it.

Friday, March 18, Evangelize or Fossilize? I did not have the blessing of being directly influenced by Dr.

Thomas Wade Akins (Author of Evangelismo Pioneiro)

Sightler, but I know oioneiro Christians who were. My calling in life as a missionary gives me a unique vantage point. I visit well over a hundred churches a year while on deputation, and I get to see churches in all sorts of geographical regions and even different cultural settings. All total, I have been in no less than different churches but probably much moreand in some cases, I have been in some of those churches many times under different pastors.


As a result, I have seen a certain spectrum of American Christianity within Baptist churches and have noticed many things. Now, many pastors look down on missionaries and most do not give missionaries much hearing. Some it seems are on an ego trip of narcissistic, vain glory and empire building, and so missionaries do nothing for them. So this may be viewed as just the ramblings of a random, nobody missionary and tis true, I am a nobody — but I do serve a Somebody!

They have ceased from actively going out to win the lost.

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American Christianity has become fossilized in many churches. Most Christians are focused on saving for vacation, retirement and Christmas or paying off Piondiro afterwards with their favorite credit card ; then following their hobbies of golf, evangellismo, fishing, etc. And that is it. We have created a ritualistic machine with no heart for the true essence of Christian living and purpose, to obey God and give Him glory.

We have a routine, a habit and a schedule, but lost one of the key areas of Christian focus that Christ commanded in the New Testament — evangelism.

We pay somebody else to fulfill our duty so that we appease our conscience. We can shout and rejoice in Camp Meetings and revivals over the great salvation we have but really many should weep for the obstinate disobedience prevalent ebangelismo so many churches of our day. American Christianity is fossilizing before our very eyes at a time when the message of the Gospel is needed most.

Evangelismo Pioneiro

In fact, revival in America is seen by some to be the salvation of many lost souls, multitudes baptized, the return of evngelismo Christian evangelimo to our communities, etc. That may be the fruit of revival, but that is not revival. Revival is when slumbering, dead, disobedient Christianity comes back into a right relationship with their Lord and lives for Him daily according to His Word. Instead, the heart of Christianity is as cold as a rock in many American churches today because they have fossilized.


They have lost their first love. Repentance needs evangslismo spread throughout churches and Christians need to renew their spiritual walk with the Lord. Posted by Mark at Anonymous March 19, at Miawa April 2, at poneiro Mark Brazil View my complete profile. What’s ecangelismo with “Pioneer Evangelist?

Next to the Acts of the Apostles and the rest of the Bibleno other book has influenced me so much to re-evaluate how we approach church planting and evangelism. In the book, it presents the concept of a Pioneer Evangelist a soul winner. An evangelist is one who goes forth proclaiming the Gospel, and a pioneer is one who goes to new territories to prepare the way for others to follow.

I thought it was an excelent name for a church planter. As missionaries, our team’s thrust has always been focused on un-reached and under-reached people groups. I had never thought of it that way. You see in the Amazon, there are still people who have never been reached with the Gospel, or at best, have had a limited exposure to the Gospel.

We have always had a burden for them all – a deep desire for Christ to be proclaimed to them and for them to come to the saving knowledge of Christ as Saviour and Lord. And there you have evanyelismo Beyond My Wall in Pictures.