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Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already forgeworl member then feel free to login now. This Painting Log is a little different from many of my other GW army showcases. Instead eylsian attempting to build an army on the cheap and create one from other players discards and cast offs, my Elysian Forgewoorld Trooper Fodgeworld was pure Forge World Gamer porn.

With almost every model coming directly from their shop in Nottingham the exceptions being a couple of eBay purchases and a trade or twonow granted all purchases were made during Forge World free shipping windows, the figures were still very expensive and Mrs.

Elysian Drop Troops collection on eBay!

Captain Brown still does not know how much I paid for them. The army was started in when the Taros Campaign and the Anphelion Project books were recent Forge World productions. It began when my former roommate Kelly then of Sorcerer Studios traded me 11 Drop Trooper bodies and parts for some other gaming books a few years before.

These 11 were far from complete with missing shoulder pads and not enough right arms…but they started an idea to build a new Imperial Guard army, complete with air support. Now at this time only a couple of flyer models existed, they were all Forge World products and exclusive to the Imperial Guard not like today were every army seems to have several flyers and they are a regular part of the game.

I lost my original PLOG with the demise of WarSeer, but will try to rebuild it from the images I captured during the building and painting process.

Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures

This was quite a while ago, so if some of the rare earth magnet work seems quaint just remember that almost no one used them over a decade ago. Some shots of the army as it moved from D formations into a complete Elysian Battle Group.

The start of my battle with the army of grey resin More units added More elyysian added More units added More units added More units added The army continues to grow Army with two of the flyers Army without the three flyers. Now parts of my army have appeared all over the net with many photos being used by Russian and Chinese websites to sell re-casts of Forge World models. I have not given approval to any of that, but if you see some models you think look familiar that is likely why.



The long painting war continues… CB Edit: So while the army is complete, I have made additional updates like building a way to mount dorgeworld all resin FW aircraft onto GW flying stands, etc. Please Check out my Painting Logs – More than individual photos of completed models shown. Fantastic work, love to see a good Elysian force, don’t see enough forgewoeld for these guys in my book.

Have a squad that I’ve started but never finished. Keep meaning to get my Elysians to take off no pun may have to dig them out from the pile. Now get those wheels done. Shame forge world don’t do a wheeled troop carrier like the troop hog in halo.

Ah I’ve had the pleasure for forge world pricing by doing a Dkok force. How did you find putting the resin valk together, I’ve one still sat in a box as the two halves don’t line up. Nothing corgeworld bit o a file won’t cure I’m sure. Forteworld you I spent some time last night looking at drop troops on the forge world site the wife will love this I’m sure.

Looks like I’m going to have a bit of work on that resin valk. That God for the plastic one although I do like the look of the talon lifter. I also experimented with the prone models that came in the Elysian Special Weapons Melta kit. Including building elsyian of the longer converted basis for those Special Weapons Troopers, but they really looked elysiwn when compared with the regular infantry models.

The long painting war continues I think those bases look pretty good, actually. It does seem odd to have a sniper pose on a meltagunner, though, as they practically need to shoot someone from 2 foot away.

World Eaters and the Warp Forge.

Well dug out my squad of troopers. As they came with chute packs, a couple are modelled as if landing on the old size bases am I right elhsian thinking gw have changed the base sizing now. Had a thought for when I pick up some snipers to change the heads over to bare heads and sculpt boonie hats, think it could look pretty cool.

Just need a suitable size head. Anyway keep up the good work. Sorry to jack your thread with countless questions lol. I love your army. I had a drop trooper army also.

Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures | – Miniatures Collectors Guide

I miss them I should of never sold them. I had the same problem with flysian Valk not lining up either but the Vulture cast was much more gooder. Very nice looking army I can’t wait to elyisan more.

CATS- How are you gentlemen? CATS- All your base are belong to us. CATS- You are on the way to destruction. Captain -What you say? CATS- You have no chance to survive make your time. How much does the resin valk differ from the plastic version? With three squads painted it led to my first progress shot: Looks good, I think I my fave part of these models is the special weapons.

What forgdworld gorgeous force. It’s so nice to see a mass of bodies and the horses they rode in on. You did great work here Captain Brown. It’s good to see someone else giving life to those poor old Valkyrie kits! There is no such elyxian as a hobby without politics. Hope this thread eltsian going for a long time. Foryeworld my half built vulture down from the loft to give it a bit of love. Elyysian this stuff away as my first littleone was born.


He’s loving looking at the cool spaceships now lol. Likeing these guys a lot, looking really good. It was particularly the standing plasma gunner I liked! That’s the problem with guard conversions, only those who know the models well will realise how clever they are.

Il keep watching for sure. Absolutely love the Elysian miniatures. Shame forge world haven’t added more to the range. So I finished the Drop Sentinel And some close-ups of the army shots so far. So the Junior Officer and Squad were finished next. Completing these on the promise that I would get to work on the Shot Gun armed Veterans next. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Captain Brown Longtime Dakkanaut Canada. Thanks xKillGorex, never too late to start a Forgeworld army Now down memory lane.

This would let me build a small D detachment when coupled with the almost squad I forteworld had and it would fill in some of the gaps like the missing arm, head and shoulder pads. Which item did you think I started on? The troops to start me on the path of the filling the Force Organization Chart…of course not I jumped into building the kick-ass aircraft model…even if that aircraft was a glorified transport…remember there just were not many flyers in Some of the models all purchased with the free shipping offer, but still far more expensive than I was planning…damn you Kelly and your pawning off Foreworld models to me!

Parts Parts Valkyrie assembled in record time. Now some of the things I learned was that the Forgrworld HQ pack was far better than the PCS pack as it gave you more options for the same price, but the Special Weapons Flamer packs gave you extra torsos which when matched to spare legs suddenly added some more Drop Troopers forgeworlc my growing army. The long painting war continues… CB. So one elhsian was not only longer than the other, but it was warped in two directions So once I had lined it up as best I could I drilled several holes in each side for some brass rods, that way I could fit the pieces together and they would hold as I sanded away the excess and started to see where I needed to add putty.

I did all my internal painting before gluing rorgeworld together but another post later for thatthe main goal was to line up the detail of the fuselage, as one end would join with the cockpit and the other was more critical as it had the rear ramp to fit and make certain forbeworld could swing closed The pre-pinning meant that vorgeworld I was ready to join the two halves it was easy with some 5 minute epoxy as the pins held both halves in place.

After drying some epoxy putty but added in the cracks to fill the gaps. I added more putty than necessary as then I could sand it down to match the other side.