Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. The Voice of Things contains a number of texts by Francis Ponge, including the complete text of Taking. A poet long unread, Ponge has come into his own since the s with admirers from Sartre to Sollers. Sartre considered him the poet of existentialism.

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But I do not mean to to be sentimental. Ponge was a true visionary of the minute little detail often overlooked. Books by Francis Ponge. His mother, a rock whom he resemblesmarried a field of flowers a painter who, I have been told, was the finest Swiss exponent of the Impressionist school ; she had three sons, like Switzerland herself: I would sooner he had if that multitude to work on something no larger, or not much larger, than his own body or– which would have been even more commendable– that he had shown himself superior to other men through the quality of his own work.

From inside the book. First published in and considered the keystone of Francis Ponge’s work, Le parti pris de choses appears here in its entirety. Each of the prose poems in here is devoted to a common household object, which tge tries to look at in as fresh a way as possible, describing what it is not, other objects it looks like, etc.


The Nature of Things

We think we are in paradise. One can only compare the gait of fire to that of an animal; it must first leave one place before occupying another; it moves like an amoeba and a giraffe at the same time, its neck lurching, its foot dragging ….

Would you like to write for The Rumpus? I am easily convinced, easily dissuaded. No eBook available Amazon. From Taking the Side of Things This is something I feel very keenly. Kimberly Dark Swinging Modern Sounds Tell us about the last book or poem or both you loved and send it to poetry-at-therumpus-dot-net along with a brief bio and we will run the best of what we get.

The Last Book I Loved: Francis Ponge’s The Voice Of Things – The

Why then, seen from here, this limited fragment of space, Stretched between four rocks or four hawthorn hedges, Barely larger than a handkerchief, Moraine of the forests, downpour of adverse signs, This prairie, gentle surface, halo of springs and of the original storm sweet sequel In unanimous anonymous call or reply to the rain, Why does it suddenly seem more precious to us Than the finest of Persian rugs?

Apr 14, Ying rated it really liked frxncis. Archer renders these prose poems in matter-of-fact language that stresses the weirdness of the images by its starkness. Liviu rated it liked it Feb 13, Every once in a while, amidst generally accomplished writing, something jumps out and grabs onto part of you perhaps never vociferated or thought long dead.

Reading Ponge’s Soap many years ago turned me into a lifelong fan. In barba ai poeti metafisici, di cui, probabilmente, Ponge fu il barbiere, questa raccolta rivolge tutta la propria attenzione alle piccole cose, all’intrinseca mangia della materia disgregante: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Fire “Fire has a system: For one, it is the enthusiasm incited by the presence at his side of a magnificent be-waved stenographer for whom he would not hesitate to commit a thousand similar vouce follies; for another it is the wish to display a tastef “Creamy, many-layered desserts, boldly erected and served up in footed goblets of some dubious metal, hastily washed and unfortunately always tepid, allow those diners who select them to display more clearly than by any other token the depth of feeling that inspires them.


The most well-founded opinions, the most ponbe best constructed philosophic systems have always seemed to me utterly precarious, caused in me a certain queasiness, an uneasiness, an unpleasant feeling of instability.

Account Options Sign in. Yet must they be pronounced. May 19, P rated it it was amazing. May 31, Keith ffrancis it really liked it.

Ponge’s observations written down in poetic prose is well worth attention. A flying match, its flame is not contagious. Influenced by surrealism, he developed a form of prose poem, minutely examining everyday objects.

Lee Fahnestock gives us Ponge’s tones, rhythms, humour.