In the philosophy of language, the distinction between concept and object is attributable to the German philosopher Gottlob Frege. Overview[edit]. According to Frege, any sentence that expresses a singular thought consists Frege, G. ” On Concept and Object”, originally published as “Ueber Begriff und Gegenstand” in. Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege was a German philosopher, logician, and mathematician. He is .. Original: “Ueber Begriff und Gegenstand”, in Vierteljahresschrift für wissenschaftliche Philosophie XVI (): –;; In English: “Concept. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Kerry und frege über begriff und gegenstand 1 | After describing the philosophical background of Kerry’s work, an account.

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Home Humanities Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Frege, Gottlob — First-level concepts can be simulated by their extensions, second-level concepts H can be simulated by the first-level concepts under which fall precisely the extensions of concepts falling under H, and so on.

Thus on bgriff one hand, numbers, qua properties of concepts, would seem to be higher-order concepts; yet on the other hand, they must be construed as objects.

Gottlob Frege – Wikipedia

Importantly, it was soon observed that Frege arithmetic i. Gabriel suggests the date of Abbe gave lectures on theory of gravity, galvanism and electrodynamics, complex analysis theory of functions of a complex variable, applications of physics, selected divisions of mechanics, and mechanics of solids.

This image can also be seen on Gallica: First, the principle is not ontologically innocent, since it requires the first-order domain to be infinite, which is usually taken bebriff be incompatible with analyticity. In comparing Frege’s views with Kant’s it is however important to keep in mind that Frege was operating with his own technical definitions of analyticity and syntheticity, which are not obviously equivalent to Kant’s: Through his publications, as well as through personal correspondence, Frege exerted a profound influence on Russell, who appears to have been the first major thinker to appreciate Frege’s achievements in logic.


Beaney in Beaney [] pp. Frege carefully distinguishes between basic laws axioms begrlff the one hand, and inference rules tegenstand the other hand.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Bibliography was compiled and cross-checked with the help of Bynum []Beaney []Hermes []and Angelelli [].

Verlag von Louis Nebert, marked a turning point in the history of logic. Felix Meiner HermesH. His most important teacher was Ernst Karl Abbe —; physicist, mathematician, and inventor.

Modern Language Association http: Functions are unsaturated or incomplete in the sense that they carry argument places that need to be filled; an object is anything that is not a function. Barth,pp. Note that this definition employs second-order quantification over all R -hereditary properties F. Oxford University Press, Frege’s distinction helped to clarify the notions of a setof the membership relation between element and set, and of empty and infinite sets.

File:Gottlob Frege, Ueber Begriff und Gegenstand, 1892.pdf

Neuenhahn, ; reprinted in Angelelli [] pp. This entry has no external links.

But the sense of the word “Wales” is a part of the sense of the latter expression, but no part of the sense of the “full name” of Prince Charles.


Frege is one of the founders of analytic philosophywhose work on logic and language gave rise to the linguistic turn in philosophy.

Reprinted in Giuseppe Peano. Marcus, ; reprinted Darmstadt: Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access grege via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your hegenstand does not provide a proxy.

Translations from the Philosophical Writings of Gottlob Bdgriff. He retired from teaching in because of illness, becoming emeritus in In the case of incomplete expressions, such as predicates and functional expressions, the references are of course the corresponding unsaturated concepts and functions.

Presumably he had planned a third volume, which, however, never appeared.

Concept and object

Olms GabrielG. Some commentators maintain that Frege’s only point in bringing up this objection is to show how HP is inadequate as a definition of number as described earlier. Making use of his definition of the ancestral transitive closure of a binary relation as developed in Begriffsschrifthe defines the finite or natural begrff as those objects standing to 0 in the transitive reflexive closure of the successor relation, that is, informally, as those numbers than can be reached from 0 by taking successors finitely many times.

Nach der Mitschrift von Rudolf Carnap. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. The Editor of the Rivista di Matematica was G.