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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. IL Dan Salvucci, M. Periodicals postage is paid at Washington, DC, and other additional offices.

Claims for undelivered issues must be mereditj within 4 months of publication. Volta Voices is sent to all members of the association. But what do we remember him for? Simply put, much of what AG Bell does is the result nayor the time and energy from volunteers who share a common goal of Independence through Listening and Talking for individuals who are shsan or hard of hearing. The Value of Volunteerism Consider the value of volunteerism.

According to Independent Sector, a national organization that studies volunteerism in the Hacersse. These volunteers contribute an average of 3. Think of how much can be accomplished with those kinds of resources! This process included surveys and facilitated discussions. Of the many issues that were identified, all parties agreed that we must focus efforts on our volunteers.

From the structure of the Board of Directors to establishing volunteer job descriptions, we have been hard at work refining our volunteer structure. You can expect changes and improvements to be coming at you at warp speed, so get ready and hang on!

And one of the best ways for SIGs to interact is through online networking. We see this as a great opportunity to take AG Bell to the next generation in communications and susah.

And, a great opportunity to increase volunteer participation! Of course, we will also post such information in Volta Voices.

Since the legislation was not able to be enacted in the last Congressional session, we are starting all over again with a new Congress. If our members even donate five minutes of time to send an email to their merdith and representatives it can make a huge difference, so keep an eye out for AG Bell Update alerts.

While the PAC meredithh identified these two top priorities, the council and the AG Bell staff do monitor and act on other priorities as needed. You can also visit www. The PAC would appreciate your feedback nayor these priority issues.

There is still much to be done. If you are not currently involved in a project with AG Bell, please considering making a contribution at www. Have a safe and happy ! We hope you will find it a helpful tool in managing and growing your relationships with other members and supporters of AG Bell.

In addition, AG Bell will continue to roll-out shsan features, including improved and more interactive support for chapters, a RSS news feeder, event information and registration, and survey and poll tools to collect your suggestions quickly and efficiently. Through Virtual Voices, SIGs harness the best of web-based social networking tools to unite our community around common issues.

Once a SIG has been approved, group administrators will be granted access to start a discussion board or weblog, store e-documents and administer polls. Through SIGs, individuals can brainstorm and engage in meaningful conversation about a specific topic or purpose.

The best part is that you can jayor to as many SIGs as you want. All you have to do is identify what topics hqcerse issues matter the most to you and you will find others who share the same interests and concerns as you.


Susan Meredith

See For Yourself Before you can enjoy any of these exciting new features, you have to login to Virtual Voices. An email with your username and password will be sent to your email address on file with AG Bell in mid January.

While AG Bell continues to move forward advocating and promoting awareness for those who are deaf and hard of hearing and use spoken language, and the professionals and parents who work with them, we also continue to see access and technology advances as well. Read about how an interactive model of brain development can help professionals who work with children who are deaf and hard of hearing facilitate independent learning.

Two articles focus solely on communication access. Schacter developed this guide while researching the various options available to hearing aid users when purchasing a cell phone.

The article describes what the ratings mean and what to look for when searching for a compatible phone for various hearing devices. Keen Guides are interactive museum video tours that are downloadable to a personal music and video player, such as an iPod. As McNally discovered, this works as a wonderful solution to selfguided museum tours for the deaf or hard of hearing.

This longawaited update provides a new online community for AG Bell members and supporters.

Read about the new features and exciting developments as AG Bell enhances its web presence to provide enhanced networking opportunities.

This issue also includes articles showcasing the work of AG Bell. Susaan families recount how the convention impacted their lives then and now. Finally, Volta Voices brings back a popular regular column.

I hope you maor tuned to Volta Voices meredlth www. Tim spent the first ten years of his career as a clinical audiologist in Denver, Colo.

Since then, he has worked in the industry with an emphasis on implantable hearing device technologies in sales, marketing, product development and surgical education and support roles.

Sarah continues to study piano and enjoys playing club volleyball. She plans to pursue a career in journalism. Readers may contact Dr. Goldberg is a world leader in the assessment of and the auditory-based re habilitation of children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing who are recipients of unilateral or bilateral cochlear implants.

She moved to the Washington, D.

Hacerse Mayor / Growing Up : Susan Meredith :

In her free time, she can be found around Washington, D. McNally is profoundly deaf and hears with bilateral cochlear implants. She has worked in the public relations field for more than 15 years with an emphasis on media relations and communications strategy.

Previous experience includes political campaign management, award-winning marketing communications and public relations strategy for publicly traded telecommunications firms, and public affairs management for the American Water Works Association.

Murphy received her B. Her brother, Michael, was born profoundly deaf and recently received a cochlear implant. Reynolds lives in Silver Spring, Md, with his wife and son.

Since obtaining graduate degrees from Emory University and Georgia State University, she established and directed three non-profit auditory-verbal programs as well as wrote and directed a federally funded model pilot Auditory-Verbal program.

She is the director of the Hearing Access Program. Schacter has appeared before Congress and the New York City Council and authored numerous articles to promote advocacy and accessibility for people with hearing loss.

Schacter lives in New York City. Television stations serving markets in the United States will discontinue broadcasting in analog after February 17,and only broadcast digital signals. Consumers can connect an inexpensive receiver, a digital to analog converter box, to their existing analog television sets to decode DTV broadcast signals. Coupons are available upon request for all U. Additional information can be found at www.


Vital to the development of problem solving, social competence and academic readiness, EF is a cognitive or thinking process that influences and controls behavior such as working memory, organizational strategies and inhibition. Symposium attendees will also have the opportunity to explore techniques and strategies in applying executive function to their respective practices. Continuing education units CEUs will also be offered.

Registration will open mid-January. As a result, parents are forced to fight with cash-strapped school districts to get the free and appropriate education for their children who have disabilities.

Universal Screening Obama supports universal screening of all infants at birth, and plans to set a national goal to provide re-screening for 2-yearolds. Achieving universal screening is essential so that disabilities can be identified early enough for those children and families to get the special support and resources they need.

For a complete description of these and other positions related to disabilities expected to be addressed in a new Obama Administration, please visit www. AG Bell will continue to monitor and report on presidential transition issues as they impact our mission of Advocating Independence through Listening and Talking! Through ICART, textual data will be shown on the screen of new versions of HD Radio receivers, providing a closed-caption transcript of live broadcasts for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

ICART hopes to use advanced speech-to-text translation software to eventually allow for captioning across the radio dial, not only on HD radio receivers.

For more information about the initiative, visit www. Since that time, scholarships have been awarded to 40 students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The scholarship amount is based on the individual needs of qualified students, and more than 25 scholarships are awarded each year.

: Susan Meredith – Growing Up & Facts of Life / Children’s Books: Books

Parents will find her book a valuable tool for learning about and navigating the cochlear implant process. For more mayro or to order a book, visit www. All hearing instruments in the CORE collection can be easily suean to external audio devices, such as MP3s, cell phones and Bluetooth technology.

Department of Commerce, will assign audiologists their own separate occupational category. Audiologists are currently grouped together with various types of therapists. The American Academy of Audiology has stated that the current SOC Manual classification fails to acknowledge the full scope of audiology.

Search results

By classifying audiology into its own occupational category, people will be more aware of the profession. Before finalizing its SOC Manual, the government will consider comments submitted earlier this year about the proposed change. For more information, visit www. By influencing and informing them now, NIDCD hopes they will make positive strides in protecting their hearing for the future.

Heery International courtesy of Gallaudet University Phonak also announced the release of iSense, a wireless communication system designed for users who do not require hearing amplification but experience speech comprehension problems, particularly in noisy environments. The hearing aids are light and sleek and are available in 16 different colors and designs.

For additional information, visit www. The brochure describes the various types of legacy gifts, such as life insurance, donoradvised funds and charitable gift annuities.