Diafragmoplastia con parche en el hidrotórax hepático debido a fístula pleuroperitoneal. Diaphragmoplasty with Patch on the Hepatic Hydrothorax due to. A presença de derrame pleural na vigência de cirrose hepática e ascite documentadas facilitam o diagnóstico de hidrotórax hepático. Entretanto, alguns casos. Uso de contraste radiológico intraperitoneal para diagnóstico de hidrotórax hepático. Using intraperitoneal contrast in X-ray study in the diagnosis of hepatic .

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A taxa de ressangramento foi significativamente menor nos pacientes que receberam o TIPS.

TIPS – transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt. Arq Gastroenterol ;38 1: We will review the main medical publications on transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt TIPSa procedure seldom used hidrtorax us. TIPS works as a portocaval side-to-side shunt and decreases the risk of esophageal bleeding through lowering of the portal system pressure and a decrease of the portal hepatic pressure gradient.

TIPS consists in the percutaneous insertion, through the internal jugular vein, of a metallic stent under fluoroscopic control in the hepatic parenchyma creating a true porta caval communication.

There are several studies demonstrating the efficacy of TIPS, although only a few of them are randomized and control-matched to allow us to conclude that this procedure is hidrotodax, efficient and with a good cost benefit ratio. In this review, we search for the analysis of the TIPS utilization, its techniques, its major indications and complications. TIPS has been used in cases of gastroesophageal bleeding that has failed with pharmacologic or endoscopic treatment in patients Child-Pugh B and C.

It can be used also as a bridge for liver transplantation.

Hidrotórax hepático refractario: tratamiento eficaz con octreótido

Others indications for TIPS are uncontrolled ascites, hepatic renal syndrome, and hepatic hydrotorax. The main early complications of TIPS using are related to the insertion site and hepatic encephalopathy and the stent occlusion is the chief late complication. A comparison of treatment with TIPS or distal splenorenal shunt in the management of variceal bleeding prior to liver transplantation.

Arch Med Intern ; Improvement of thrombocytopenia due to hypersplenism after TIPS placement in cirrhotic patients. Am J Gastroenterol ; TIPS for the manangement of hepatic hydrothorax in the abscence of ascites. J Clin Gastroenterol ; Definition and diagnostic criteria of refractory ascites and hepatorenal syndrome in cirrhosis. Portal systemic shunt in hepatic cirrhosis: Endoscopic sclerotherapy compared with percutaneous TIPS after initial sclerotherapy in patients with acute variceal hepafico.


Ann Intern Med ; Liver transplantation complicated by misplaced TIPS in the portal vein. Creation of an intrahepatic portosystemic shunt with a Gruntzig hidrotodax catheter. Can Med Assoc J ; The treatment of portal hypertension: Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol ; Detection of TIPS dysfunction: TIPS vs propranolol plus isosorbide 5-mononitrate for the prevention of variceal rebleeding in patients with cirrhosis.

The role of transjugular portal-systemic shunt in the manangement of variceal bleeding. Clin Liver Dis ;1: Techniques for TIPS revision. Duplex sonography after TIPS: Should portosystemic shunt be reconsidered in the treatment hodrotorax intractable ascites in cirrhosis?

Results with percutaneous TIPS for control of variceal hemorrhage in patients awaiting liver transplantation. Is the TIPS procedure beneficial for liver transplant recipients? TIPS for the manangement of severe venoocclusive disease following bone marrow transplantation. TIPS versus endoscopic sclerotherapy for the prevention of variceal rebleeding after recent variceal hemorrhage. Renal effects of TIPS in cirrhosis: TIPS for variceal bleeding in portal hypertension.

Comparison of emergency and elective interventions. Dig Dis Sci ; Incidence, predictive factors, and prognosis of the hepatorenal syndrome in cirrhosis with ascites. The successful treatment of syntomatic, refractory hepatic hydrothorax with TIPS. Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to portal hypertension.

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Preliminary results of a multicenter randomised trial. Clinical outcome two years after implantation of TIPS hepagico recurrent variceal bleeding. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol ;9: Acute and chronic complications after implantation of a TIPS – a prospective study in 53 patients.

TIPS in hepatorenal syndrome: J Vasc Interv Radiol ;8: A randomized trial comparing TIPS with variceal band ligation in the prevention of rebleeding from esophageal varices.

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Bone Marrow Transplant ; Incidence of shunt occlusion or stenosis following TIPS placement. Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt after previous recanalization of a chronically thrombosed portal vein via a transmesenteric approach. Beware of TIPS in liver transplant candidates. Liver Transpl Surg ;1: Long-term follow up after TIPS: J Vasc Interv Radiol ;9: The TIPS procedure for refractory ascites.

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Treatment of liver diseases. TIPS and cardiac arrythmias.

TIPS improves oxygenation in hepatopulmonary syndrome. Effects of TIPS on splanchnic and systemic hemodynamics, and hepatic function in patients with portal hypertension. Transjugular portal venography and radiologic porta-caval shunt: Experimental intrahepatic portocaval anastomosis: A prospective trial of TIPS versus small diameter prostethic H-graft porta-caval shunt in the treatment of bleeding varices.

The TIPS procedure hjdrotorax variceal bleeding.

Portosystemic encephalopathy after TIPS: The hematologic consequenses of TIPS. TIPS compared with endoscopic sclerotherapy for the prevention of recurrent variceal hemorrhage. A randomized, controled trial. Hepatic laceration from wedged venography performed before TIPS placement. J Vasc Interv Radiol ;7: The role of TIPS for the treatment of portal hypertension and its complications: Platelet aggregation and platelet-derived growth factor inhibition for prevention of insufficiency of the TIPS: