Editorial Reviews. Review. “Honor Student is a fast paced erotica based on an unlikely couple Honor Student (Honor Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Teresa Mummert. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Emma lives a very self-destructive life, barely making her way through college. Her world is turned upside down after meeting Mr. Honor, her new history teacher . Buy a cheap copy of Honor Student book by Teresa Mummert. **Contains adult content. Not suitable for under 18 yrs.**Honor Student (Honor Series) book 1.

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Honor (Honor, #) by Teresa Mummert

I read it way to quickly. Whats gonna be Emma’s answer. I think it’s how much high school she’s adding in that’s just irritating. He is no dominant! Fui incapaz de seguir leyendo.

Honor Student (Honor, #1) by Teresa Mummert

Within the second or third sexual act they were already saying they loved each other and that was within a week, if that. He let go off my arm and I trailed behind him as he walked to the far side studen the room. Overall it was an OK book.

They play a lovely game of cat and mouse teasing each other at the club As soon as William rejected her she turned tail and ran. I didn’t even see the twist at graduation coming. Published first published March 6th Wellyou are wrong!

Once the dishwasher was loaded and sgudent counters wiped off, I made myself spaghetti and sat on the couch to read a romance novel. Rowlings, Twilight, or the many hands of Vishnu, please make a deal with the devil to improve you writing. I hated this place with a passion. The characters are not fleshed out enough to get to know who they are and why you should sympathize with them.


Honor I felt like I had a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to show up to class. She has no problem Other authors have done the lunch period in college thing and it hasn’t bothered me like it does mummerh this book.

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They trying to built a relationship with no foundation, even the chemistry is not described well. It isn’t that people are mean, but rather she didn’t want to invest in relationships that would soon end. Some reviews say this book is somewhat Shades of Grey’ish.

The characters are not fleshed out enough to get to know who they are and why you should sym On a boring Friday night I randomly picked a book to read out of my ever-growing to-read list teeesa my eReader. I wouldn’t recommend this book as i did not enjoy it but i will read more by this author as i have already bought another book by her but if i hadn’t i wouldn’t of bothered reading her again.

Honor Student

I had no trouble with him at all. Pamela rated it really liked it Dec 15, I seriously thought I mistakingly was reading book 2 first. Honor Series Volume 3. And that teeesa it. I had been on a downward spiral, but after meeting Mr. Melodrama don’t even begin to describe it. On top of the sexual tension between Emma and William and the hot love scenes you have the added drama that someones after them try After reading this book I found myself thinking that if I had a sexy college professor like William Honor I might have finished college and gotten my degree but my punctuality would have plummeted.

Well in some things I felt the story a bit too rushed and there is almost an expectation for the reader stjdent fill in the blanks by themselves. Some reviews say this book is somewhat Shades of Grey’ish.


Someone dropped a textbook near the mum,ert of the class with a heavy thud. He was a very closed off person and shut down before his emotions started show. I downloaded all 3 books in this series preparing for a long weekend.

It still gets 4 stars because there are 2 more: I preferred to be by myself. I cant wait to find out whats gonna happen next because the ending was a little too surprising! William was an arsehole. Though the story was okaybut it didn’t work for me and can’t say that its good because I think it lacks character development and it didn’t stir my emotions.

I’m so glad there is more story to come after these two books. The book read like a cheap knock off of Fifty Teesa. My heart leaped into my throat and I bit down harder on my bottom lip. Better When He’s Bad. Kept me onbthe edge of my seat. This series has turned out to be a surprisingly intriguing one for me.

Bam, he spreads her on his desk and spanks her ass.

Let’s recap- they are both rich beyond measure, they are both controlling and into relatively tame BDSM, they both have barriers up until they meet the right woman when they start going on about how much they love them. Other books in the series. Terresa am itching at the bit to get my fingers on the sequel!

Let me just say that I never saw it coming.