There is more to Raja Rao’s book than a morality tale. It is written in an elegant style verging on poetry; it has all the content of an ancient Indian classic. Kanthapura [Raja Rao] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kanthapura has been described as one of the most satisfying of all modern Indian. Raja Rao, Kanthapura () Kanthapura tells the story of villagers fighting British colonialism in India. In the first couple of pages of the book, the narrator.

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Log In Sign Up. Oxford University Press, rama His first novel, Kanthapuradeals with the Indian independence movement. Kanthapura is the ethralling story of how Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence from the British becomes a palpable reality in a tiny and secluded village, Kanthapura, in South India.

Kanthapura : Raja Rao :

It is the story of young Moorthy, stormy and idealistic, and his fight against conservative forces. The novel has the flavor of an epic as it emerges through the eyes of a delightful old woman who comments with wisdom and humor on the variety and complexity of village life. Mahatma Gandhi plays a significant role in the novel, Kathapura.


Throughout the novel, all we get to know is about the works which he does and about his struggles. He does not appear in the novel as in person.

Moorthy, the central figure of the novel is an eminent follower of Gandhi and his ideas. Rwja is loved by many, even the pariahs love him.

But it is found that Bhatta, who is yet another character in the story, tries to excommunicate Moorthy because he mingles with the Pariahs and the untouchables.

As a Gandhian economic programme Moorthy distributes chakras among janthapura village women and inspires them to spin chakras and weave cloth. He asks people to boycott foreign goods.

Book Review: Raja Rao’s Kanthapura | Seema Yein –

Kanthapura is a household kanthapurw characters. As a reader, however, it was really difficult to get into this book, perhaps because of the overflow of characters and the trickiness of keeping track who was who. But Raja Rao takes the reader deep into a village and the villagers’ way of thinking that is hard to find elsewhere. The writer uses his own style.


Though Rao does not go in a detail study of the characters but he mentions all the characters in the novel in a systematic manner.

Women also play exceptional role in the Satyagraha. Remember me on this computer.

Kanthapura : Indian Novel

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