Kilomux/ Data, Voice, Fax and LAN Integrating Modular Multiplexer. Kilomux traffic can be transported over IP or Ethernet-based networks, using its. RAD’s Kilomux sub-rate multiservice multiplexer combines data, voice, fax, and LAN traffic over digital data services, leased lines, ISDN, IP, and Fractional. Find great deals for RAD Kilomux Data Voice Fax & LAN Integrating Multiplexer Km Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Especially suited for the satellite 21004, the Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer contains an elastic buffer to deal with the long delay introduced by kilomhx wireless path.

Supporting SCADA, the Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer is also particularly suitable for utility companies.

The Kilomux sub-rate multi-service multiplexer uses time division multiplexing TDM to ensure minimal delay and protocol transparency. The Kilomux sub-rate multiplexer provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for integrating data, voice, fax, and LAN traffic over digital data services, leased lines, IP, ISDN, and other services.

Access to the various services is provided over a variety of standard interfaces at data rates ranging from 9. The low overhead, minimal end-to-end delay and allocated bandwidth 214 the Kilomux – together with voice compression – ensures quality of service QoS while maximising utilisation of the available bandwidth. Main link modules Many interfaces are available on the aggregate links for compatibility with digital data services ,ilomux.

Soft-selectable timing options from either the link or any channel are standard for all interfaces, as is support for control signals.

These include leased lines, fibre, radio, microwave, and satellite links. The Kilomux sub-rate multiplexer supports a secondary link, which can be configured in several ways:. Main link modules include: F Fibre optic main link fibre optic main link eliminates the need for an external fibre optic modemKML.


KDI Killomux and bypass module. In kilo,ux, it can provide support for ring topologies and a single multi-drop channel. KAI Alarm indication module for rear panel viewing of most front panel indicators. Low and high bit rate data sync and async channels can be combined with voice and fax circuits for maximum bandwidth utilisation.

Advanced technology in voice compression allows a choice between toll quality ADPCM, PCM or high-quality, low bit rate compressed voice, at rates as low as 4. In addition, internetworking modules provide LAN Ethernet connectivity. Any combination of up to four modules can be configured in the Kilomux chassis. Selectable data rates from bps to 64 kbps. Selectable data rates from bps to Supported data rates are 32, 48, 56, 64, and kbps. Also supports PCM encoding at 64 kbps A-law.

Additionally, it offers pulse metering at 16 or 12 kHz and polarity reversal, as well as optional echo cancellation. The card can digitise voice at rates from 4.

RAD Kilomux Data Voice Fax & LAN Integrating Multiplexer Km | eBay

The card can digitise voice at rate s from 4. The card offers pulse metering at 16 or 12 kHz and polarity reversal as well an integral echo canceller. All Kilommux modules support in-band fax for transparent fax transmission as well as V. Management The Kilomux offers two management options: RADview provides direct on-line supervision, configuration and diagnostics.

RAD Kilomux-2104 4260180000 Data Voice Fax & LAN Integrating Multiplexer Km-2104

This provides terminal access to remote devices from any management station on the network for configuration and troubleshooting. Online supervision Audio and visual indicators provide the status of alarms and tests at the network, multiplexer, card and port levels and include all links connected to the Kilomux.


Alarms are automatically logged and presented upon request unless otherwise masked. Sanity check Configurations are automatically checked for validity before being downloaded or upon user request. This check can be performed at three different levels: Manual timeslot allocation and bypass Network-level operations enable easy activation of drop-and-insert applications. An existing configuration can be copied to a desired destination within the same Kilomux or to any other Kilomux.

This operation can be performed at the Kilomux, card or channel level. Database All configuration parameters are stored in non- volatile memory to ensure data integrity in the event of a power failure. A secondary database may also be programmed for time-of-day bandwidth allocation or switched backup operation.

Alarm information is collected and stored in memory for easy reading by the management system. Diagnostics The Kilomux sub-rate multiplexer incorporates numerous test features for easy maintenance and rapid kiomux detection.

Upon operation and during normal use, automatic self-test and link-test are performed, and all problems are reported to system management. These extensive diagnostic tests ensure quick fault discovery and recovery. The Kilomux is fully compatible with the Kilomux We aim to offer complimentary services to our customers to help them deliver iklomux service level agreements they are contracted to provide.

For more information, view our Service Portfolio. The Kilomux sub-rate multiplexer supports a secondary link, which can be configured in several ways: I’d like to buy Yes.