Kushiel’s Mercy is the third and final book in the Imriel trilogy. It begins with Imriel returning from Alba with Sidonie after burying Berlik’s head at the foot of. Not only did Kushiel’s Mercy mirror events from the previous two Imriel books but it touched upon Phèdre’s trilogy as well. Imriel and Sidonie’s. Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Jacqueline Carey ‘s Kushiel’s Legacy series encompasses three trilogies, told from first-person perspective by one character in each. It lies somewhere kusshiel Alternate History and fantasy, using recognizable names for real-world places, events, and occasionally people.

Kushiel’s Legacy is widely lauded by reviewers for having complex societies, likable characters, and a continuous onslaught of politics and intrigue which blend seamlessly with the sex.

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Kushiel’s Mercy – Wikipedia

This talent means she draws a high price, as prostitution is a highly valued and respected profession in her home country. Added to this, she is trained in espionage, escape, and other things by her bondholder, with intent to use her as a weapon to stabilize the realm.


Much of the story focuses on her sexual encounters, both consensual and at times very non-consensual. The books follow his coming of age, and his struggle to live up to his adoptive parents while putting aside the reputation in his blood. The third trilogy takes place a century after the second trilogy ends, and follows the adventures of the druid Moirin from the land of Alba. A descendant of the Maghuin Dhonn from the second trilogy, Moirin must learn to deal with the consequences her ancestor’s actions foisted on her people, master her magical powers, and learn about her half-D’Angeline heritage.

Was she your lover? A long time ago. If neither will give way in love, it is not pleasing in the eyes of Naamah. Ill thoughts, ill words, ill deeds; the three-fold path of Angra Mainyu. Didn’t you enjoy my largesse in the Khalif’s court?

Kushiel’s Mercy : Jacqueline Carey :

I heard I sent you to Khebbel-im-Akkad after paying you to betray your master. The color is called sangoire. Thelesis told me that in the seventh century after Elua, it was decreed that only anguissettes might wear it. Whatever is to occur, it is her desire that you know she meecy its architect. Elua cared naught for mortal politics, nor did Kushiel.

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Mayhap if we obeyed Blessed Elua’s precept, it would be. Elua cared naught for thrones or mortal politics. Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns and thrones. Those words, I am told, were spoken by Melisande Shahrizai. Elua bids us to love as we will. Why isn’t that enough? Why does it have to be so damned complicated. We’re the ones who make it that way. Blessed Elua cared naught for crowns or thrones.


Angra Mainyu, we stand before you to profess our faith. Of this world we are created, and in death we are reborn in your name.

The works of Ahura Mazda, we abjure! His livestock, we starve and slaughter; his earth we salt and render barren. We embrace mfrcy and the lie, abhorring all truths.

Your three-fold path, we walk in faith: Let your presence among us be made manifest, and your will spread, until the hearts of all mankind seek only destruction, and brother turns upon brother, and all is laid waste.

Do you know what the odds of making that throw were? We don’t even train for it.