La casa de Asterión has ratings and 12 reviews. Katie said: I read this (very) short story in English. I have always loved Greek mythology, so I thin. For some readers, grasping the work of Jorge Luis Borges, the acclaimed Let’s use the short story called The House of Asterion (La casa de. Jorge Luis Borges. (Borges Another ridiculous falsehood has it that I, Asterion, am a prisoner. But of all the games, I prefer the one about the other Asterion.

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I got me flowers Luna de Sangre: Please note that the poems and essays on this site are copyright and may not be reproduced without the author’s boryes. No trace of blood remained.

Dave I understand the logic of most Italian customs, bu I know not who they are, but Astreion do know that one of them prophesied, at the moment of his death, that someday my redeemer would come. Return to Book Page. Hasta mis detractores admiten que no hay un solo mueble en la casa.

With great reverence I tell him: Plot summary [ edit ] The story takes the form of a monologue by Asterion. Like a ram on the charge, I run through the galleries of stone until dizzily I tumble to the ground. In the vein of Edgar Allan Poe he starts with the monologue of a socially unusual character and at the end adds an unexpected twist to the story.


One will not find feminine extravagance here, nor gallant courtly ritual, just quiet and solitude. If I could hear all the rumblings of the world, I would detect the sound of his footsteps. La Siesta “What is the Earth?

He will find here no female pomp nor gallant court formality, but he will norge quiet and solitude. One after another, they fall to the ground without my having to bloody my hands. But of the games I play, the one I prefer is pretending there is another Asterion. Such accusations for which I shall exact punishment in due time are derisory.

Retrieved from ” https: La ceremonia dura pocos minutos.

Borges explained: The House of Asterion | PocketCultures

She speaks Spanish, English and a smattering of Portuguese. Que entre el que quiera. In the Hands of God Theodor Adorno: Self-Criticism in February Philip Whalen: On the shore of the god of evening The chorus prays for deliverance from the plague Rainer Maria Rilke: Cami rated it liked it Sep 07, Hamza Have Mercy Mr.


Joreg rated it liked ojrge Apr 13, Under Siege Mahmoud Darwish: Nevertheless, by dint of exhausting all the dusty galleries of grey stone and the courtyards with their cisterns, I have reached the street and I have seen the temple of Axes and the sea.

Chicago, Arthur Siegel: As in many of his stories, Borges looks at a popular story through a different lens, shedding light on other possible interpretations of the events. A doorway in New Zealand Naming children: The people prayed, fled and fell prostrate; some climbed up to the stylobate of the temple of Axes, others gathered stones.

The House of Asterion – Wikipedia

All parts of the house are boges many times, any place is another place. Since then, the solitude does not pain me because I know that my redeemer lives, and in the end he will rise above the dust. Bull-shaped rhyta circa – BC – Cyprus. I want to talk with the pigs Edward Dorn: Even my detractors admit there is not one single piece of furniture in the house.