COMMON NAMES Button mangrove, Buttonwood, Buttobush, Mangle boton, Botocillo, Mangle botoncillo, Mangle negro, Mangle prieto, Yana, Marequito. Republic); mangle blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón (Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo . blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón ( Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo.

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Inflorescencia axilar espiciforme, diminuta. Family Acanthaceae Verbenaceae; Avicenniaceae. Valid name Rhizophora harrisonii Leechm: The honey obtained is white, clear, and of excellent quality [ 4 ]. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 13 Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. Flores amarillas, vistosas, solitarias. De las seis especies de mangle mencionadas en este trabajo para la flora de Sucre, tres se encuentran citadas en el Libro Rojo de la Flora de Venezuela Llamozas et al.

Common names in other countries: Common and vernacular names Mangle blanco [ 16 ]. The uses of mangrove species have not yet been addressed by citizen participation research in which use values are discussed; only references are made in relation to surveys among the inhabitants, and there is a lack of information.

Mangle botoncillo Material examinado: Mangle colorado, mangle Honduras ; mangle rojo Costa Rica ; mangle salado Panama ; Candelin, Mangle dulce Mexico ; mangle caballero, mangle gateador Colombia ; Mangle verdadero, mangle zapatero Ecuador ; purgua Venezuela ; apareiba, mangle zapateiro, mangle vermelho Brazil ; mang wouj Haiti [ 8 ].


Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals. Se determinaron 28 especies, seis de las cuales son mangles, tres de mangle rojo Rhizophora harrisonii, R. A delay can cause ecological imbalances in coastal ecosystems, coastal wetlands, mangroves, lagoons, manggle, lakes, and estuaries connected to the sea. Twenty eight species were determined, six of them were mangroves, three of red mangrove Rhizophora harrisonii, R.

Bejuco de playa Material examinado: Tallos glabros, variadamente rojizos. Type specimens The tropicos. Other manble names in Mexico: It has two to four flowers per stem or peduncle.

Plantas vasculares de los manglares del estado sucre, Venezuela

The data obtained that are included in the information are identity, distribution, taxonomy, diagnosis, distribution, uses, and protection. Newborn seedlings are edible if cooked but raw seeds are poisonous. The bark contains tannin and is used to tan skins.

Dining, drinking, and snacking Shared kitchen. Lectured by Stearn, Kew Amngle. Lectotipified by Wijnands, Bot. The homestay is equipped with a TV. See photos and details. World atlas of mangroves.

The infusion of its bptoncillo is drunk as a remedy for diarrhea, intestinal irritation and colic, washing or bathing to heal wounds and hemorrhoids, or in bleeding gums rinses. The leaves are elliptical, with a bright beam and totally without hairs, characteristic with which it can be differentiated from A.

For Avicennia germinans L. Common and vernacular names Mangle botoncillo [ 15 ].

Corazón mexicano in Cancun – Room Deals, Photos & Reviews

Mangle rojo—Venezuela [ 20 ]. Leaves excrete salt through specialized glands and can be covered by salt, thus contributing to botonciolo leaf litter [ 35 ]. Inflorescencia paniculada axilar, ramificada, extendida. Last booked a few minutes ago. Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications.


Name accepted Nasir and Ali in [ 38 ], consider Rhizophora mucronata Lam. Mangle rojo Material examinado: The objective of this documentary research work is to contribute to better knowledge of the mangrove species that are located mahgle our country, as well as to provide readers with written and illustrated information on these species. We are IntechOpen, the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books.

June 20th DOI: Without data, Browne s. In 16 states of the country hotoncillo are four species R. Two-mile stretch of coast, in the vicinity of Georgetown [ 57 ]. Flores blanquecinas, diminutas en inflorescencias unisexuales.

Corazón mexicano

Semillas numerosas con penacho de pelos. The basionym of this species is Conocarpus racemosus L. Los manglares de Costa Rica: Very good reviews 7. They are used in firewood and coal; poles for fences, piles, railway sleepers, piers, boats, telegraph poles, and electricity; and furniture, cabinets, door frames, musical instruments, handles for tools, and mangpe implements.